fondato da Roberto Assagioli


The Casa Assagioli experience

Sede dell'Istituto - Casa Assagioli
Florence (Italy) - via san Domenico,16

Giovedì 12 Settembre 2019 - Domenica 15 Settembre 2019


9th International Meeting at Casa Assagioli

We invite you to attend our yearly appointment in Casa Assagioli, a wonderful, four-day full immersion experience, giving you the chance to explore the world of the founder of Psychosynthesis in his own home, study the materials in the archive and in the library, and join a group of fellow co-workers gathered from all over the world.

Over the years the International Meeting has grown in depth and extension, thanks to the interest and collaboration of friends in the Psychosynthesis community. While the foundations of our work are always the same, the group relationship has grown in quality and in intensity, year after year. This gives us the chance of fostering unity in diversity as we meet friends from all over the world, and it also creates the perfect environment for an inner experience, adding it a special dimension.

Indeed, the Experience at Casa Assagioli is a wonderful opportunity to: 

Work on your research: explore the origins and development of Psychosynthesis and materials related to Roberto Assagioli’s diversified fields of inquiry. This kind of in-depth research is much more than a look at the history of Psychosynthesis – the depth of Assagioli’s insights, his articles and his handwritten notes thrive with energy and always generate new ideas.

Tread an intuitive path: the possibility of contacting deep levels of one's inner space is facilitated by the insights in the manuscripts and the articles and books in the library. Gruppo alle Fonti has created a number of special activities that supports openness and inspiration.

Intensive group work:we will gather daily in small groups  to engage in the process of continuous learning and expansion, drawing on what arises from the material in the archives, the library, and being together at Casa Assagioli.The welcoming atmosphere fosters meaningful and profound human relationships, a growing sense of belonging to the broad Psychosynthesis Community, and offers the possibility to initiate new collaborations within an ever broader and more aware planetary network.

Last year we also launched a number of new initiatives, including a psychosynthetic guided tour of a place of art in Florence.

And the Experience at Casa Assagioli would not be the same without the excellent lunches in the garden, delicious Italian dinners and time for fun together!

The meeting will be held in English and Italian, with the help of volunteer interpreters.

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