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Seventh International Meeting at Casa Assagioli (14 - 17 September 2017)

Toward Synthesis
international events

Gruppo Alle Fonti

Istituto di Psicosintesi
via San Domenico, 16 - Florence (Italy)

Giovedì 14 Settembre 2017 - Domenica 17 Settembre 2017

We invite you to Casa Assagioli. to participate in the unique experience we will create together during the International Meeting.

This experience is unique because it combines different opportunities:

  • The amount of material Roberto Assagioli wrote. Although he wrote few books, during his life he penned an astonishing number of notes containing reflections, intuitions, quotations, lists of related words, and written on small pieces of paper which are still full of the energy of his inspiration. In addition, the Archive holds a large collection of articles, lectures and lessons by Assagioli on a wide range of subjects and languages (many are in English) and the Library shows his wealth of books, in which he made notes that connected to presentations he made, other books, and his own research.  The books are in Italian, English, German, and French.
    All of this material offers new glimpses into Psychosynthesis. Delving into it can help each of us to experience the multifaceted undertones and overtones of Psychosynthesis, supporting what to Assagioli was paramount: the development of an inner attitude of psychosynthesis, the basis for our lives, whether we are professional or personal practitioners.
  • The opportunity to meet people from different countries, cultures, and experienceswho share the same deep interest in Psychosynthesis as a path to the Self. These interactions create the opportunity both to develop a community and to foster the awareness of being a community.
  • The grounding spirit of Psychosynthesis at Casa Assagioli. Participating in the International Meeting is an opportunity to encounter and nourish your Self. In whatever form, there is something within the walls and within the experience of Casa Assagioli for everyone. As one participant said, “I did not always know what I was looking for, but I found it.” Casa Assagioli is a special place where we can open ourselves to deeper, inspirational dimensions of ourselves and to the higher Self.

Through the years, we have witnessed the International Meetings at Casa Assagioli providing a strong boost for participants to develop their own activities, projects, and paths. The experience of past meetings  shows the many ways Assagioli’s work inspires individuals, existing groups and new initiatives around the world.

Register soon!

You are invited to come and co-create the meeting, bringing all your curiosity, openness and will to Firenze, to the wellspring of Psychosynthesis. You will leave being more at home with yourself (and your Self) and inspired to offer your own gifts to a hungry community back home!

About Gruppo Alle Fonti and the Assagioli Archive
Late in his life Roberto Assagioli organized, with the help of different collaborators, an archive holding articles, lectures, and lessons on a wide range of subjects, now calledArchivio Synthesis (the Synthesis Archive).After Assagioli’s death, many of his small notes on Psychosynthesis were sorted, compiled and organized by Piero Ferrucci into subject areas, placed into folders in 84 boxes: this is the Archivio Studio (the Study Archive)

In 2006, during a structural renovation of the building, a great amount of material previously uncatalogued was found in the attic of the building. This treasure corroborates Assagioli’s wide range of interests and initiatives. This inspired us to create a group that would work to preserve and promote the material.

Thus a new group was founded: Gruppo Alle Fonti della Psicosintesi (literally, Group at the Wellspring of Psychosynthesis).  Since its creation, our group has worked on the cataloguing and archival work; it organizes visits to the house and holds national and international meetings. More recently we also launched the Online Archive (

In addition, because Assagioli was a keen reader, his library holds a large collection of volumes of great historical and academic value. Using the Dewey Decimal System, Gruppo Alle Fonti has reorganized the Library into language and subject sections, making the books easy to browse and check online.

Members of Gruppo Alle Fonti are trained members of the Istituto di Psicosintesi founded by Roberto Assagioli. We meet in Casa Assagioli every month for a whole weekend. We come from different backgrounds, cities, countries and paths of life, but we serve on this project with the same purpose and dedication.

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