The image of the Conference

Amongst the various ideas proposed we felt that the Goddess Roma, who holds in her left hand the world, was a good symbol for the work of the Conference.

It is a reference to the place in which the conference will be held, Rome, a city rich in history and in art. In antiquity the Goddess Roma represented the divine aspect of the State of Rome, testimony of how for ancient Romans there always existed a very close rapport between the divine and daily life. 
And this rapport, or better still, the search for a new and profitable relationship between the dimension of micro, daily life, immanent and that of macro, spiritual, transcendence, is exactly what emerges from the extract of William Blake’s poem, chosen as our subtitle for the Conference.

The statue of the Goddess Roma which sits in the Piazza del Campidoglio, has been rielaborated, substituting the globe she holds in her hand, with a photographic vision of our planet, and expresses, with a slightly alienating effect, the relationship between world and  divinity, between past and present, between technology and art….

And after all, it appeared a good auspice to place our Conference under the protection of a goddess!