Post-Conferences in Florence

Post-Conference at Casa Assagioli

in heart encounter at the well-spring of Psychosynthesis

Monday 25 June, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

We are sorry but the maximum number of participants has been reached, no other registrations can be made.

Organized in Florence by  the group ‘Alle Fonti della Psicosintesi’

This post conference day is open for those who are especially attracted to enter into a more direct contact with the figureof Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis.

The post conference will take place at Casa Assagioli, his home in Florence, where he lived, received his inspiration, developed and applied the living ideas of Psychosynthesis.
The house now is the home for the headquarters of the Instituto di Psicosintesi, it was recently renovated and yet it still retains some of the energy of its founder.

Through the day’s different activities the participants will have the opportunity to get a sense of the bright, vibrant energy of Roberto Assagioli .
The direct encounter with Assagioli’s archives - the jewel at the heart of the source,is the highlight of this post-conference day.
“The archives will be there for many people and for many years, to discover the light that Assagioli was transmitting. They are points of inspiration shining across a whole century, growing in radiance and revealing the spirit of Psychosynthesis.  The inspirations are alive, still nurturing a whole new consciousness in this century. Assagioli's archives are about the future of the world.“   Carol Blanchard                                                                                                                             

The participants will have a unique opportunity, (until now open to very few), to have a ‘hands on’ experience at the archives. In smaller groups they will get to read, study and discuss files filled with original hand written material by R.A.

The Post conference activities also include:

  • Visiting the visual presentation of different aspects from R.A life and work
  • A guided visit through the house’s different rooms, including R.A studio and the garden
  • A visit to the library of R.A’s personal books that he collected and worked with
  • Sharing experiences and reflections

Price: 50 € including lunch.

Max number: 30 people, registration is necessary.

Registration: please email the Conference Secretary ( to confirm your registration and pay after they have confirmed you have been positively registered.

Payment procedures: together with your payment to the conference add 50 € for the post conference.

Transportation from the conference in Rome to the post conference in Florence:
In case of a sufficient nr of participants a direct bus will be organized (paid for separately); an announcement about that will come later. 

Hotels in Florence: bookings to be done personally by the participants.

Address of nearby hotel:
Villa La Stella, the closest hotel to Casa Assagioli:
20 rooms are set aside for the post-conference participants but you have to notify the hotel and book it in your name (first comes first): the organizers are not responsible for your booking.

For further inquiry contact
for English: Livia Frischer
for Italian: Luce Ramorino

Yoga and Psychosynthesis Workshop

"Bringing Yoga & Neuropsychology into Psychosynthesis/Psychotherapy."

June 26-July 1, Villa La Stella, Florence.

Professional Training, yoga retreat or yoga vacation options. No prior yoga experience required. CEUs offered (USA).

With Joann Lutz, LICSW, Certified: Psychosynthesis, EMDR, Trauma-Sensitive & Ayurvedic Yoga. 

Early Registration deadline: February 28, 2012.