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We are raising funds to support 12 participants flying from Nairobi, Kenya.

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I have a dream. It’s beautiful to affirm so. And it’s beautiful to share this dream.

Six years ago in Nairobi the first group of Psychosynthesis in Africa, called Nuru Ya Nyota, Light of the Star in Swahili language, was born under the patronage of the Psychosynthesis Institute and of the SIPT – Società Italiana di Psicosintesi Terapeutica.
Today Nuru Ya Nyota is a reality that tells about presence and belonging in an extraordinary and terrible land: presence at own met again selves and presence at other recognized selves; belonging to a common vision, enlightened by Psychosynthesis. Nuru Ya Nyota in Nairobi and surroundings provides training activities, services supporting individuals and groups, projects with social impact and value. All of them are based on a new discovery of selves and on the conscious and aware possibility to grow, to actualize, to transform.
A unique way to live and to read the message from Roberto Assagioli, being faithful to his creative spirit, oriented by a bright star towards paths of growing.
Years of commitment, years of hope, years of enthusiasm and will, years of love.
A journey of knowledge, awareness, transformation of inner and outer worlds.

Today Nuru Ya Nyota is also a dream of a real journey and of presence, concrete and inspired, at the Congress “Psychosynthesis in the World”.
Another movement for 12 people brought to Kenya from Rwanda, Burundi and Congo by their own personal experiences, touched by the awful ethnic conflicts. A new and different journey, guided by their own stars and by their wish to feel themselves as parts of a constellation.
A dream in need of being dreamt by other dreamers, a dream in need of being helped by who believes and is curious.
The dream shared by the 12 in Nuru Ya Nyota is sharable with who wants to give a donation that smells trust.
Trust in a land rich and fertile in the spirit of who lives there.
Trust in the strength of the Psychosynthesis that really belongs to the world.

Every donation will support financially the journey and the presence at the Congress for the 12 of Psychosynthesis in Africa.