Workshops - Session A

Friday June 22, 2012
9:45 am - 12:45 pm

Exploring the Collective Unconscious COMPLETE
Roberto Assagioli and Carl Jung both touch on the Collective Unconscious. In recent decades, the limitations of conventional science have been eclipsed by published studies of controlled experiments in the effectiveness of prayer, powerful effects of imagery, confirmation of premonitions, and the effectiveness of a host of non-touch therapies such as therapeutic touch. Remote Viewing, documented dream coincidences, and the unexplainable phenomenon of the double-slit experiment call on us to expand our thinking. Open discussion of quanta of energy moving faster than the speed of light, the possibility of a multiverse, and the invocation of a probability wave in sub-particle physics also push us to expand the horizons of our experience outside the limits of the Psychosynthesis egg diagram. Personal experiences will also be included in this presentation. Participants will have an opportunity to share their own "outside the egg diagragm" experiences in the safety and full acceptance of the assembled group.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English

Emotional Medicine Rx: A Bio-Psychosynthesis Approach
Emotions are designed by nature to be action imperatives, filled with important information for our survival as well as connecting us to what matters most for our lives and spirits. Even when we don’t act or acknowledge them, emotions cause subtle changes in our viscera, musculature, moods, relational and spiritual responsiveness. For some, fear of emotional flooding and irrationality and/or the neurobiologically frozen energy of trauma leads to shutting down awareness, splitting ourselves off from this essential human, spiritual resource. This workshop offers a new paradigm for healing this inner emotional split, as well as support for restoring our ability to take effective, embodied, spiritually aligned action in the world. Integrating John and Ann Gila Firman’s Immanent/Transcendent Self, Bioenergetic and Biodynamic emotional charge/discharge theory, and Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution, participants will have an opportunity both theoretically and experientially to learn how to let their bodies lead them to wholeness and transformation.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English

Sounds & Words
“Sounds & Words” is a lively and creative workshop. Writing and Musical Therapy are used as a means for putting participants in touch with their own psychological functions and the different aspects of their inner world.
There will be exercises of Creative Writing specifically designed for contacting and exploring the different aspects of one’s inner parts, as well as techniques of Musical Therapy for training awareness in listening to the infinite vibrations and resonance of the Soul.
The exercises are aimed at increasing one’s ability to observe and express parts of oneself through “Sounds & Words”, creating a “Resonant Poem” for each aspect contacted.
The workshop is conducted by two leaders from the professional backgrounds of the artistic areas represented: Music & Writing, a perfect pair for an explorative-evolutionary journey within oneself.
Language: Italian

Courage and Compassion in times of crisis
Today we see wide-spread evidence of a Great Unravelling throughout the world brought on primarily by human greed and arrogance. At the same time, untold numbers of people across the planet have taken to the streets, protesting the oppression and destruction, and calling for a Great Turning towards a just, cooperative, and sustainable world. In this workshop, we will draw on Psychosynthesis, eco-psychology, and the Work That Reconnects (as developed by Joanna Macy) to build our capacities for courage, compassion, and wisdom in this time of global crisis.
Language: English / Italian

Wyse Elders programme: redefining the role of the elder in a changing world
I Presentation of the Wyse Elders programme: origins, aims, methods, links
with Psychosynthesis
II Experiencing exercises and techniques used in the Wyse Elders Programmes:
a) Circle of Concerns (exploring and facing our concerns and fears about ageing)
b) Meeting the Wise Elder exercise, to intuit how the role of the Elder ought to change to meet the needs of the next age followed by panel discussion
c) Deep Time Ceremony (outside) convening ancestors and beings of the future
d) Art work: drawing a symbol of being an Elder in a changing world.
Language: English / Italian

The path of what is possible. A model for welcoming socially disadvantaged minors:the “Namaskar” residential community.
The youngsters who come to the Community are often afraid of expressing themselves and have a sense of personal inadequacy. To lack confidence in their own possibilities has been imprinted in them. How can we hope to see them develop and transform if firstly we do not see what they may become?
Even the educator may feel disorientated initially towards “whom” he sees, but this may be overcome by looking ahead and taking into consideration not only what the youngster shows at that moment, but above all what he may really become. Bearing in mind the finished product that can be created, the educator must take account of the raw material in front of him for that purpose. No matter if the finished product is as yet unknown, what does matter is to favour the process that leads to its realization and that urges the spontaneous unveling of the different phases of actuation. Helping the youngster to blossom means, in fact, believing that, given certain conditions, he has that possibility and it is highly probable that those conditions have not yet been met. The residential Community then becomes the catalyzing instrument and the place for starting to make all that happen, favouring a synthesis between receptiveness, empathy, respect and authority for breaking the old viscious circles.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: Italian

Psychosynthesis in Jerusalem
A less known aspect of Assagioli’s work is his application of the Psychosynthesis model to national entities, specifically to the Jewish people. As recent research into the Assagioli archives reveals, he dedicated much inner and public work to it over many years. A group in Jerusalem has taken up this seeding work on the Psychosynthesis of the Jewish people and is developing it further.
The workshop addresses:
• Assagioli’s research and public work concerning the Jewish People
• Psychosynthesis in Jerusalem
• ‘Psychoenergetic Inquiry’ - a meditative method we have developed to work with the personality and the soul potential of a group or national entity, in this case the Jewish people.
This will be a group presentation by members of the Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality in Jerusalem, including lecture, a guided meditative exercise and discussion.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

New Start
Unemployment is a daily subject in all the media and a major source of fear and worry among populations in every country. With a rising world population and increasing economic crises, unemployment is also rising.
Finding oneself unemployed, especially over a long period of time, becomes a period of such self-doubt that identity questions need to be addressed before practical issues on succeeding a job interview can be mastered.
This workshop condenses 42 hours of training sessions into a 3-hour experiential session showing how the unemployed can overcome personal insecurities so as to be clear in their needs and able to reassure a recruiter or future clients.
Before developing a strategy for prospecting the work market, candidates learn to identify:
• their qualities and successes and how to feel comfortable speaking of them
• the job that represents a conciliation between acquired competencies and realistic aspirations
• where and how to find the ideal job, strategic methodology and motivation aids
• attitudes that reassure recruiters and clients; preparating oneself psychologically and spiritually for an interview
• the sufficiency of their competencies as compared to an employer's needs; knowing how to say "No"
Language: English

Embodying our Subpersonalities COMPLETE
The expressive arts can be used to elicit our own and others’ sub-personalities and to transform our own and others’ relationships with their sub-personalities. Using movement/dance, improvisation, drawing, creative writing, and poetic dialogue, participants in this experiential workshop will be guided through a process of disidentification and then work in depth with a sub-personality of their choosing. Participants will discover that each sub-personality has its own story, its own personal mythology, to disclose.
Language: English / Italian

Constellation together with Psychosynthesis
In this workshop, we will focus on both the therapist involvement in their own system as well as that of the client in order to see where there is an opening to solutions. Using the practice of constellations around a live case, we will explore hidden forces that may impede the therapy-process such as entanglement, disengagement, support or the lack of it. Outcomes will be both personal and professional, focusing on what can emerge from hidden depths. There will be space for two or more issues.
Constellations are a powerful and unique way of resolving issues of great weight in ways that point sensitively and simply to seeing anew. The founder of constellations work Bert Hellinger also calls this work "Orders of Love" and says:
“When we understand the systemic laws that allow love to unfold, we may be able to help suffering families and individuals to find solutions. It’s profoundly moving to observe clients approach the Orders of Love and spontaneously melt into soft and intimate love, even after a lifetime of hate, anger and abuse.”
Language: English
/ Italian

Psychosynthesis and Astrology
Can we find a parallel between the Psychosynthesis method and astrology? Is there a relation between the three levels of the personality: physical, emotional and mental and the astrological planets Saturn, the Moon and the Sun? How can dis-identification be applied from the astrological point of view? The transpersonal planets Uranium, Neptune and Pluto – an attempt at a psychosynthesis interpretation. How can the will be interpreted with psychosynthesis astrology in an example regarding the theme of birth? These questions will be addressed and elaborated in the workshop.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: German / Italian

From stereotypes to archetypes: from dependence to Unity – a psychosynthesis proposal for emotional dependence
We propose a group experience in which participants will be invited to use body techniques, art and imagery for recognizing gender stereotypes. A process of disidentification from these will be actuated along a trail that will unravel to the point of awareness of the male and female archetypes resonating within the individual’s inner world. The workshop will end with a meditation on inner union and Universal Union, drawing also from the theory of quantum entanglement.
Language: Italian

The myth of Persephone and the transmutation of limits through Developmental Drama
Developmental Drama is a process of Personal Growth. Initially it helps to develop an integrated personality; subsequently it renders service to going beyond the personality and accessing a higher dimension of Consciousness with one’s own Qualities, creating Harmony and Beauty. The substratum theory of the work proposed is the dimension of Greek Myths and the Eleusinian Mysteries, in particular the trial undergone in the Myth of Cyane and Persephone. The Myth describes symbolically the journey that human Consciousness must undergo in order to evolve and it reminds us of the contribution that Psychology can offer to that effect. During the Workshop participants will discuss the Myth and its subtle sense also through brain-storming; aided by the leader they will create a series of representations using improvisation and will be able both to express themselves and their tensions as well as nurture and activate a dimension of Group work.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: Italian

Psychosynthesis and Coaching: building the future
Psychosynthesis and Coaching have many points in common regarding the process of change. Both may be proposed to people or groups who wish to reach new personal or existential objectives, to build their own future. Both facilitate the way from the present state to a desired state, placing the accent on the individual’s responsibility, on his creative capacities and on the use of the will (also as a factor of choice). They favour and sustain the process of self-realization. Psychosynthesis can enrich Coaching with perspective, depth, vision, techniques and methods. Coaching can enrich the Psychosynthesis processes with its specific ways of self-confrontation, questioning, encouraging the realization of personal or group resources. Concerted action between Coaching and Psychosynthesis permits the development of a new type of Psychosynthesis professionalism that can operate in new areas of work, responding to a great request already voiced. In the workshop participants will experience points of contact and of development in the meeting between Psychosynthesis and Coaching, common and specific instruments and will explore possible future perspectives.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: Italian / English

Neo-Exorcism: Dealing with Your Inner Saboteur COMPLETE
A force exists in each of us to generate the Shadow whose intent is to deaden and ultimately destroy us, presenting challenges only survived by those who are psychologically fit.
The bad news is that this Saboteur, devious in ways that defy imagination and greatly strengthened by our prevailing blindness to it, more or less rules our lives. The good news is that every adventure and love story tells us how to transform it. Their underlying archetypal forms express the process of Psychosynthesis, by which this villain is challenged and its essential power reclaimed and reintegrated into the whole. In the ORIGINS workshops participants come to recognize that they are living out a personal myth in which this power sabotaging their lives must be confronted and transformed.
In this three hour workshop you will have the opportunity to experience the part of the ORIGINS Process, called “neo-exorcism”, that exposes your Saboteur and its work. It includes witnessing your self-sabotage, vigorously embodying and expressing its archetypal agent, your Saboteur, and realizing that it is fuelled by your own energy whose disposition is finally your own choice.
Come if you dare.
Language: English / Italian

Oneiric roots of the future – dream in education and in personal growth
For thousands of years dreams have nourished the evolution of our species, absorbing and creatively re-elaborating our daily experiences, unveiling the threshold to intuition on diverse planes and contributing to discoveries and inventions in all fields. Greater consideration of the “night-school” teachings and a wiser application of these on our part can offer us, even in childhood, precious images and ideas full of inspiration for both personal and collective growth. This can open up the natural way to the language of symbols for youngsters; in adults it can help revalue psychic activity more easily in connection among the psychic functions, the most faithfully available to the will.
Excercises: - Make good use of your dreams at home and at school – Social dreaming and intuition about the future.
Language: Italian / English

ARON SALTIEL (Österreich)
Constellation Work in Psychosynthesis Counseling and Therapy
Constellation work (often referred to as "family constellation") proves to be an effective method for representation of relations between individuals, such as partners, family members, group members. We can also externalize intra-personal elements, e.g. subpersonalities, I, the Self and observe their relationship as the representants interact, which can be helpful for strategies of conflict management and problem solving, as well as to gain deeper understandig of oneself, of the "next step" in one's psychosynthesis.
In this experimental workshop we shall work with exercises that demonstrate the use of constellations in the context of Psychosynthesis.
Language: English / Italian

Between Hope and Fatalism: The archetype of the Healer in a time of Crisis
In our times of crisis we are called upon as psychotherapists to help our clients and our fellow human beings to deal with loss and express mixed feelings of anger, guilt, pain and find a “meaning” to an ongoing traumatic situation. In this soul’s journey we will face the archetype of fatalism with its five heads of fear, guilt, hopelessness, cynicism and defeatism. In search for an opposite force to counter this we will discover the archetype of Hope through the ancient Greek myth of “Pandora’ Box”. We will address techniques against mass media manipulation and will focus on ways to reclaim respect for humanity and act from our true centre, the eye of the storm in times of continual degradation of human value and human values.
Language: English / Italian

Dialogue at Intersections: Social Healing between Veterans and Civilians

Like Russian Nesting Dolls we as humans inhabit and express ourselves through multiple psychological and social identities. Psychosynthesis has come a long way and excels at assisting greater harmony with our psychological healing. Social Healing is our next frontier. It is a type of healing that is beyond the boundary of our psychological life and exists as social identities between people, groups and nations. This experiential workshop, utilizing cutting edge psychological and social healing processes, will demonstrate one application of social healing between two identities that remain painfully unrelated to each other. Our focus will be the unresolved rift between veteran soldiers and civilians in every country. We are learning that war touches the lives of all people. Perhaps more
than any single social enterprise, war shapes the character of individuals, families, cultures and nations. Yet, war’s mythic role in national life often hides the wounds it exacts on all members and dimensions of society. Social Healing between Veterans and Civilians is a conscious exploration of the impact of war upon both groups, each having something vital for the other.
Language: English / Italian

Workshops - Session B

Friday June 22, 2012
3:15-4:45 pm

The symbol of unity at the heart of diversity: culture at the crossroads
We all live in multiple cultures, whether family, national, family birth group (race, class, gender, etc), or chosen group. The present world calls us to cross traditional boundaries, and to lose and reconstruct our identity. We leave our historical roots to take a journey where the unknown, the stranger, the other, and even the enemy, may be our teacher. This workshop is for those who are already travelling and those beginning to cross cultures. Where is home? Who am I? Who are You? are the first questions, along with for What and for Whom? The world as a whole is also at this crossroads. There is no way that may not lead to a potential synthesis if we develop certain awarenesses and qualities, and if we realize we travel not alone. This workshop will include personal reflection and sharing, leading to some theoretical discussion of transpersonal / transcultural consciousness and how it may be developed in education, therapy, the psychosynthesis community and world issues.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Psychosynthesis and the Path of Daily Transformation
With the inception of the Internet over a decade ago came a paradigm shift in technology that has changed the very nature of how the world works. This complex network has created what I imagine as an evolutionary global nervous system that ties us together in new ways. Yet, the effect of this network on our connection as human beings is only now being understood. In this pattern of constant and instantaneous connection with what we perceive as “everyone”, with life, with the world, I see a disappearance. As we hurl ourselves forward, what are we leaving behind? In this experiential workshop we will discuss the changing nature of transformation through the eyes of the Psychosynthesis model. We will: consider the polarity of distraction and depth and the effect on our daily choices; discuss what lies at the heart of uncertainty and how to walk through it while holding the fullness of our experience; and discover and practice simple exercises that focus on the Self, our relationship to the Self, our relationships to the world and ultimately a path of reclamation for our lives.
Language: English

Across Multiple Worlds: Transformation in Relationship - Self and Others 
In this lively (and reflective) experiential workshop, you will learn and be invited to practice a beautifully simple and memorable approach to building, deepening, and transforming relationships. The approach will be introduced in words and pictures. It will then be extended by connecting it with the chakras, colors, and sound and by overlaying it with Assagioli's vision of human consciousness. As a participant, you will have an opportunity to practice the use of the multi-layered results across these multiple worlds to deepen your own relationship with yourself. You will receive handouts and are encouraged to bring a JOURNAL.
Workshop Objectives:
1. Participants will be able to identify stages of relationships presented.
2. Participants will be able to relate the stages to chakras and to colors.
3. Participants will discuss the overlay of Assagioli's vision of human consciousness onto the stages of relationships and the chakras.
4. Participants will practice applying the stages of relationship to their relationship with themselves.
5. Participants will reflect on and discuss ways to apply the stages of relationship in their lives
Sound intriguing…confusing? Come see for yourself … and enjoy!
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Tango & Mindfulness COMPLETE
Each of us has the necessary potential for overcoming our difficulties. Trust and motivation are the fundamental elements of this personal development and they can be evoked through dancing the Tango. The Tango is a dialogue composed of movements, gestures, posture, expressions, sensations. It is a global relational experience involving our body, psyche and emotions. Through experience, inner changes take place characterizing the effectiveness of healing action. A dual opening process begins: towards others, and getting to know and appreciate oneself.
To favour the exploration of the sensations of both our body and emotions, in the workshop we will make use of some typical elements of the Tango such as the embrace, in which body dialogue with the other person helps us to recognize new energies and potentials of our being.
The Tango is therefore an instrument that increases our awareness. It aids the self-exploration of our inner world and animates positive elements such as trust, wisdom and kindness.
Language: Italian

A new biopsychosynthesis model: the Subtle Bodies COMPLETE
In my body-work practice, particularly biodynamic craniosacral therapy, I have developed a biopsychosynthesis model that helps me to evaluate the state of health and monitor progress in my clients’ sessions. In craniosacral therapy one works hands-on with clients, but the person is taken into consideration in his biosphere, i.e. that electromagnetic field that surrounds each one of us. Through my studies and experience in the energetic field I have widened my observation of my clients, taking into consideration also the person’s whole aura. According to recent studies, the aura is composed of 15 bodies (referring to 7 principal chakras and transpersonal centres). However my study covers 11 bodies (that I have included within the Assagiolian Egg). This model is presented in the workshop and the composition of the aura is explained. There will be the opportunity for directly experiencing these bodies through meditation.
Experiential -Theoretical
Language: Italian

Transforming our relations at work
The social field constellates the whole of our existence. Human relations are essential for the birth, development and the very maintenance of our lives.
Transforming oneself always implies a transformative turbulence in our relations. But the opposite is also true: consciously and beneficially transforming one’s relations naturally leads each individual to evolve. Specifically, working relations often reveal dysfunctional aspects and may become cause for slight or great suffering.
Psychosynthesis practice may intervene on various levels in the dynamics and dysfunctional processes that are determined in working organizations, operating both in the sphere of individual and group transformation. This experiential workshop aims at providing an example of how to approach such themes, linking the intra-psychic level to the relational level.
Language: Italian

The journey and the dream of the soul in a 17th Century garden COMPLETE
There is a 17th Century garden on the Euganei hills near Padova, in Italy, where one can contemplate the symbolized journey of man from earth to sky created there. The slide show with pictures of the garden and of its various details, interpreted in an historical, artistic and symbolic sense, will give us the opportunity to travel inwardly through the language of Psychosynthesis: “Know, Possess, Transform into Beauty”.
Personal experiences and emotions pave the way towards a universal but conceivable dream of the soul.
Language: Italian / English

“Think with your heart” - a journey through symbols to encounter your feelings COMPLETE
This workshop gives participants the brief experience of a process for testing a deep form of work that through expressive therapies (associated with other techniques well known to psychosynthesis) leads to becoming acquainted with one’s feelings.
The aim of this work is to create an “abc” of emotions for the therapeutic area of eating disorders (emotional autism). It is nevertheless applicable to all unexpressed emotional uneasiness.
Starting with a short relaxation in which attention is focussed on the body (awareness), participants are invited to visualize an image freely. Materials and techniques are made available (and can be selected) and time is given for a creation to emerge (whether an image, a word, an expression of the body or a musical expression, etc., according to the materials or techniques chosen). This is then shared freely in the group in the second part of the experience and emotions evoked singly as well as those resonating in the group are discussed. The aim is to demonstrate how symbols can be linked with emotivity.
Language: Italian

B10 (& D7)
Feeling and dealing Part 1
Developing emotional intelligence, and in particular learning to deal with anger responsibly, constitutes a major challenge for our society. In this workshop we will explore the differences between constructive and destructive forms of emotional expression, and healthy or unhealty forms of emotional restraint. The experiential parts of the workshop are based mainly on working through the body with movement. The theoretical framework will focus on an understanding of disidentification that is informed by recent theories of mentalisation.
Part 1 of the workshop is an invitation to explore our individual relationship to anger, and can be seen as an aspect of personal psychosynthesis.
Part 2 of the workshop will focus on the world, and the emotions that are evoked by our current global situation. Allowing those emotions can strengthen our sense of purpose, and can be seen as an aspect of transpersonal psychosynthesis.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Bringing Yogic Techniques into the Psychosynthesis Session to Regulate the Nervous System
While presence is central to Psychosynthesis practice, its physiological correlatives have not received attention. New discoveries from the field of neurosciences, made by Peter Levine, Stephen Porges and others, stress the importance of nervous system regulation, for both the client and the therapist, to promote psychological healing, and shed light on the embodied nature of presence. Workshop participants will be introduced to key concepts in nervous system regulation and experience how it enhances presence through sensory awareness, breathing and meditative exercises.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Awareness of the body, awareness of the soul  COMPLETE
In our current language the body and the soul are seen as a duality or separate polarities. The perception of our body is near at hand.
Our physical sensations, above all the painful ones, have a very strong impact on our emo-tions, thoughts, behaviour and personal identity. The body is visible. It is the symbol of our existence, the image with which we enter into relation with others. The body becomes the idol, fruit of desire, the way to success. But what should we say about the soul that we do not see? What is the soul? What is its’ relation to the body? Can we overcome the duality between body and soul? How can we make the soul visible? These questions can find their answers when we undertake a path to rediscover our own inner resources. It is then that the soul manifests itself and the body-soul dichotomy transforms into a body-soul unity.
Language: Italian / French

Expressive Movement, Art and Psychosynthesis
This experiential workshop introduces the Tamalpa Life/Art Process, a Holistic approach based on embodied creativity that highlights the principles of movement/dance and its inherent relationship with psychology and art. Participants will be guided to feel and deeply listen to the body’s wisdom, increasing physical, emotional and mental awareness while working with sub personalities through movement, drawing and writing. This synthesis is a way of developing a sense of personal and interpersonal self to create a more integrated personality aligned with the realization of the Higher Self. When we are able to become aware, accept and understand ourselves on a personal level we are better able to relate to others and offer our gifts to the world.
Language: English / Italian

Understanding the Dynamics of the Will in Addiction Treatment
A study aimed at exploring the dynamics of the will related to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
What would the implications be for substance abuse treatment to acquire further knowledge and understanding the dynamics of the will. What does main stream psychology say about the volitional act versus psychosynthesis understanding of the concept of ‘will’ related to addiction treatment. What does international research say about the dynamics of the will in addiction treatment? Can treatment of substance abuse be enhanced through further exploration of the dynamics of the so called personal free will in psychology versus a higher power as Alcoholics Anonymous (12-step treatment) terms it or the personal and transpersonal will as psychosynthesis would frame it? How do the concepts of conscious and unconscious will fit into this picture? Let’s explore these questions together.
This workshop is built on the present work for my doctoral thesis for the Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Professional Studies, Middlesex University, London.
Language: English

Workshops - Session C

Saturday June 23, 2012
9:45 am - 12:45 pm

Healing with unconditional love and forgiveness
This will be an experiential workshop of Edith Stauffer's original work . It will also include a variation which I have found to work with helping individuals realize the importance of forgiveness in relation to their personal health. As the first person to be certified by Dr. Stauffer in Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, I have first hand knowledge and experience with her system. At the same time, I understand other motivations than those which she used.
For example, in today's world, anger and resentment are predominant in all countries and all facets of life. It is well known that anger harms the physical body, as well as creating emotional distance between individuals. The process to be presented in this workshop demonstrates how such anger can be transformed into love and a broader understanding of life events - both personally and globally.
Handouts will be available and true stories will be told about using this method, on request from participants.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English

KRISTINA BRODE (Deutschland)
Archetypal Psychosynthesis. Mythology as a tool for Peacemaking and Reconciliation in the Collective Unconsciousness
Our biographic experience forms our life, builds strategies of coping, is responsible for success or failure in life. All these challenges and personal traits can be modified or even healed by therapy. Tapping into the memory of the human race, dealing with the myths of ages provides the material to let healing happen on a wider universal plane, healing of nations. Redemption of the imprints of pain and suffering of humanity is requested. The imprinted memory of deceit and betrayal at the turn from matrilineal cultures to patriarchy has to be looked at. Being in this wonderful city of Rome, we will work with the Myth of Romulus and Remus, its founders. The workshop will give you the opportunity to experience working with Archetypes, the sub-personalities of the Collective Unconsciousness.
Language: English / Italian

When Stephen M. Johnson’s "Character Styles" meet Assagioli’s "Psychosynthesis Typologies": different disciplines, common ground
In this experiential workshop, psychotherapist Mark Colclough will engagingly present an interface between psychosynthesis and characterology. Specifically Mark will explore how Assagioli's "Psychosynthesis Typologies" interface with Johnson's "Character Styles". In doing so, Mark hopes to offer participants an opportunity to re-visit Assagioli's unfinished work on typologies and what Assagioli termed a "Differential Psychology". Further, Mark hopes to potentially synthesize these areas with Stephen M. Jonson's contemporary work in object relations and developmental psychology. The workshop is intended as an eclectic mix of theory, written and drawn exercises, as well as discussions in small groups or in plenum. Mark will speak in simple and clear English. Mark hopes that all participants will be afforded an opportunity to explore how seven typologies mixed with seven character styles can provide a deeper understanding of the client’s personality and psychopathology. Mark's goal is to facilitate group experiences and discussions and to creatively bring forward an integral understanding of our psychosynthesis work, as we seek to explore the mysteries of the human psyche.
Language: English

The Science of Creative Meditation – Assagioli’s Other Legacy COMPLETE
Psychosynthesis offers a life-long journey of self-development. R.A. realised the need for a spiritual quest to remedy our ‘divine discontent’ and gifted us the Science of Creative Meditation. “It is not generally recognised that meditation is a form of action – inner action... I have sometimes called meditation ‘exploration of the inner worlds’ because these dimensions are full of energies... In a sense we are living in them all the time in part of our nature; the psychological life has tangible existence in these fields... In them originates all that happens in the outer world...” RA – from GCM Study Paper. In this workshop we will explore the science of creative meditation as a tool of service for the common good.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Shalom – a call for peace from the depth of Roberto Assagioli’s archive
In 1954 R.A wrote a short article named ‘SHALOM’ in which he describes the true meaning of the word /concept of Shalom - Peace and its connection to Psychosynthesis. In this article R.A also elaborates on the 4 levels of systems where he calls for Shalom-peace to be applied. R.A's call for peace from 58 years ago, is as relevant today as it was then and even more so, his ideas, through Psychosynthesis, can offer a more holistic perspective for the process of peace making. In this workshop we will follow R.A.’s ideas of Shalom-Peace and the 4 levels of its application and engage in experiential reflections. Sharing and discussion will follow.
Language: English / Italian

In taking care of yourself you take care of everything
Everything that takes place affects us and makes an impression on our minds and emotions. If we become aware of this and learn to modify the energy that flows within us positively, with loving compassion, we will contribute to the integration of peoples and cultures and reconcile ourselves with the whole of the planet in all its manifestations. This workshop offers exercises and the opportunity to practice for learning how we can improve ourselves and our planet.
Language: Italian

Communicating Across Cultures
Your supervisor and your colleagues come from all over the world. You discuss, plan, and chat over coffee together, but are you really communicating? Intercultural sensitivity is not ‘natural’ to any single culture, and the development of this ability demands new awareness and attitudes. Psychosynthesis provides an ideal perspective, models and techniques for cutting through habitual patterns of defense, prejudices, expectations, and mindsets to open up to new levels of multicultural communication. In this workshop, we first talk about how critical incidents are a means to gaining new awareness about a different culture. We then discuss the barriers to successful communication, especially focusing on individualism vs. collectivism, power distance and uncertainty avoidance. Based on this framework, we then look at differences between cultures with regard to etiquette, resolving conflict, non-verbal communication, and rules and conventions, and forms of address. Next we explore how to develop intercultural sensitivity with the key concept of difference – that cultures fundamentally differ in the way they create and maintain world views. Finally, these ideas are integrated with Assagioli’s understanding of polarities and the psychosynthesis concept of right relations.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

The (wonderful) complexity of our inner world. Integrating subpersonalities through Mandala Work in Psychosynthesis COMPLETE
This workshop explores the meaning and the use of mandalas in psychosynthesis, in particular in the work with subpersonalities, to understand the complexity of our inner world, and its unchangeable core. After a short presentation (20 minutes), the participants will be engaged in a series of drawing and meditative exercises (including one-to-one and pairs) that can be used in a variety of settings while exploring subpersonalities. An open group discussion concludes the experience. This workshop integrates for the first time the work of leading Junguian mandalist Judith Cornell with Assagiolian ideas and techniques. No previous art experience needed.
Language: English / Italian

Heart Energy, a way to universality
In the ancient Eastern traditions the heart is considered the centre of wisdom and awareness.
This prevalently experiential workshop proposes some techniques such as meditation, visualization, Qi Gong and heart chakra exercises. These are specific for cultivating heart energy, and give attention to those qualities of the higher unconscious level: joy, presence, loving attention, compassion and others.
Through the mediation of the transpersonal Self these qualities make us aware of the interconnectedness or enmeshment that exists between ourselves and others, between ourselves and the world, and put us in relation with the Universe.
Cultivating heart energy promotes in us a sense of belonging to the world in which each may apply his personal will in aspects of wisdom, love, strength, aligning himself with the transpersonal and universal will.
Language: Italian / English

WYSE: World Youth Services & Enterprise - A program for Vision and Leadership
This is a 3-hour workshop which aims to stimulate participants to reflect and explore how they can use their visions and intuitions to play an active role in making a positive contribution in tackling some of the challenges humanity is facing today.
This experiential workshop will supply an opportunity to take vision to action through group work and discussion, guided visualization and coaching.
It provides a short example of some of the psychosynthetical techniques WYSE applies in training young leaders from all over the world and supporting them in making a positive difference in their communities.
Language: English / Italian

The heart slowly starts beating at its own pace COMPLETE
Our heart holds the memory of the wounds of the soul: past experiences of betrayal, abandonment, humiliation, loss. These memories prevent us from living the present opportunities of the here and now with confidence and fluidity. This workshop teaches tools to let go of past memories and isolation so that we can allow ourselves to be included again in the web of interrelated life. A workshop to experience the healing power of heart connected with the pulse of deeper conscious life.
Language: English / French

So that Ulysses may return…
This workshop offers the opportunity to experiment the concept of “expanding and returning” on all levels of the personality. To this aim the journey of Ulysses will be used as a pre-text, from its motivational grounds to its ideal goal, its obstacles, conflicts and to the “construction” of the conditions for returning. On a physical level we will experiment the space and context of action within the body, through breathing and grounding (while still, as well as in movement). On an emotional level we will contact resources and obstacles through the recognition of our subpersonalities “mirrored” in the gestalt work that will take place in the circle of participants, in couples and/or in small groups, on the theme proposed. On the level of thought and of images we will contact the proactive abilities of our own creative process by formulating an aim and recognizing it symbolically. On the level of aspirations, the group may individuate a valuable goal and through that decide on one or more objectives to transform into new actions for a positive common cause. The dynamic nature of the workshop including the body-work calls for comfortable clothing.
Language: Italian /

The hidden right hand of the goddess Roma: What does our culture conceal from sight?
In this workshop we will work with one of the Greek Tragedies as an entrance to experience the ambiguity, complexity and dividedness of human life. In these tragedies we meet people who follow a path of struggle and suffering. Often they struggle with feelings of rage, grief and revenge in a context of war. Or they try to escape destiny to end up fulfilling fate by their own hand. As Aeschylos , the great Tragedian said: " we must suffer into truth ". There is no escape. Not only on the personal, but also on the national or global level.
These ancient myths can function as timeless windows on blind spots of our present time and culture : “From the eternal, out of the past, in the present, for the future”.
Language: English / Italian

Mindfulness, Complementary Opposites and Normal Conflict  COMPLETE
This workshop focuses more on normal differences with normal people than on extreme problems or disorders. We will note results of standard conflict practices and explore new practices for greater success. Current brain research is confirming the effectiveness of approaches already familiar in psychosynthesis, and showing ways to enhance them.
So we will play with tools for modifying primitive fight-flee-freeze reactions to ordinary conflict, with a focus on disidentification and mindfulness - to transform the experience of conflict instead of avoiding it. We will encourage the pursuit of interpersonal and social psychosynthesis as organic processes by expanding attention to complementary opposites and reducing the pressure for instant synthesis. And we will look at six additional ways to retool painful prehistoric practices people often resort to in day-to-day conflicts.
We use lecture, games, fun, relaxation, and discussion. We hope to go home with practical insights, new options for handling daily-life issues, and effective clinical interventions. We welcome the challenges and delights of diversity and bringing to life the rich experience of the present moment.
We will offer a practical "toolbox" for expanding and enhancing conflict styles.
Language: English / Italian

The utopia of psychosynthesis: one world for one humanity. One Humanity Project
This workshop is addressed to all individuals or groups with a psychosynthesis training who feel the relation of mankind deeply, beyond personal, interpersonal, social, idealistic differences, or who appertain to something specific and already work or would like to work towards promoting the awareness that we are all part of one humanity and the creativeness connected with it, therefore acting to favour the processes of unification and synthesis through internal and external ways.
The aim of the workshop is to create a common starting point in and with the group, for a project planned for a certain period of time and with this aim at heart, drawing inspiration from the psychosynthesis model and Roberto Assagioli’s work. The project will adhere to the trifocal vision and to the recognition of the intrinsic value of each “individuality” that can find and fully manifest its own function only within a synthetic context.
Use will be made of audio-visual stimuli.
Language: Italian / English

( USA)
Unfolding the Heart-Self-Intelligence
An experiential approach to turn to the heart with appreciation and gratitude in order to establish a direct connection with it and its voice. Entering in relation with the heart opens a profound Self acceptance and acceptance of the other. The heart is the direct path to the deeper innermost Self with its infinite potential. This can be experienced on a physical-energetic level. It is a state of being. The heart carries the memories. Past trauma can be made aware through the heart and released.
Topics addressed:
- Exploring the inner space and appreciating the heart
- Becoming aware of the heart pulse
- Relating to the deeper innermost pulse
- Listening to the voice of the heart
- Connecting to the heart of the earth
Method: We will work mainly experientially, with meditation and movement.
Language: English / Italian

Creative Consciousness in Daily Life - Inner Breath, Dance and Spiritual Psychosynthesis
Breath, dance and movement are primary motions of cosmic order and creativity. They reconnect us inwardly and outwardly and are both instruments, to express the quality of the soul within the body, making us fully alive in the very moment. Listening to the Inner Breath and observing its’ subtle natural flow in the body, deepens and expands our awareness of oneness. Expressing ourselves with dance and movement opens the sources of joy and life within us. In Breath and Dance together we can embrace and experience the Self, both, as a singular person and as part of a community, to which each one of us belongs.
The workshop combines “Contemplative Breath-Work” with dance and exercises from Spiritual Psychosynthesis, giving us new impulses and strength in our daily life.
Language: German / English

Journeying to one Self
Musical Journey, combined with the Mandala Artwork, is an experiential process that fosters self exploration. Applying the tools of holotropic breathwork, and evocative music to enter an altered state of consciousness, one can initiate the innate healing mode of the psyche. The musical frequencies tap into the unique unconscious storyline of the individual and engage the body, mind, emotions and spirit. A mandala is created from the insights gained. Using these visual metaphors and symbols received from the Higher Self, the ego and soul can come together and move toward integration, bridging past and future.
Language: English

Workshops - Session D

Saturday June 23, 2012
3:15 - 4:45 pm

Experience your role in keeping and furthering psychosynthesis in the world
An investigation will be made with the help of systemic constellations. The participants will cocreate the world of psychosynthesis in the Value Triangle, the universal values of Love, Knowledge and Order, also known as Goodness, Truth and Beauty.
Each one will then investigate the relationship between herself/himself and the various elements of psychosynthesis and the universal values.
We will explore fixed and movable values and also interrelationships of the participants.
There will be dynamics but the method is to slow it down to make it visible. Like a film in slow motion. The depth of presence is very intense and surprising results often get uncovered.
I have experience in leading constellations since five years most of them in Sweden but also at the AAP Conference in 2008 in Vermont, USA and at the EMCC Conference in Dublin, Ireland in 2010.
Language: English

In the Buddhist tradition ignorance is considered to be one of the three mental poisons at the origin of suffering. Ignorance puts us in the condition of perceiving ourselves as separate beings, preventing us from realizing that what we are is profoundly interconnected and inseparable from what others are. The human being has always been immersed in a continuous process of recognizing his own affiliation to ever wider groups and the challenge at this time is to open to entire humanity.
In order to open to the new it is necessary to let the old go. That is difficult because it means meeting a sense of loss of what is known to us, making us vulnerable to something that we do not yet know and that we fear we will not be able to contain. This workshop is dedicated to those processes of the psyche and to those methods that allow us to meet with the unknown through letting go and dissolving fears, attachments and personal interests that keep us tied to old identities and sub-personalities and that prevent us from meeting with a new way of being that includes the other more and more.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: Italian

The Tears We Cry: Holding Joy and Sorrow
This workshop is an exploration of the deep experience of joy and sorrow as we embrace all that is wonderful and all that is painful in our lives. Coming to terms with the disparity of our emotional world and feeling safe in sitting with and sharing our feeling world allows us to be fully human. In a world filled with beauty and tragedy, we can be torn apart by conflicting experiences. We may find ourselves numbing against pain and in so doing numbing against joy as well. Psychosynthesis invites us to experience the whole of who we are, both personally and collectively. This polarity of feeling exists in our inner world as we struggle with our own historical and current experiences of joy and sorrow and it exists in our global world as we experience, at every turn, the pain and grandeur of our world and its citizens. Too easily we find ourselves moving away from complexity into seeing the world and our own lives through one lens or the other. We all know there is an unhealthy tendency to create polarity: this or that, good or bad, them or us, sadness or joy. But when we step into the acceptance and experience of "both/and" we are truly whole. This and that, good and bad, them and us, joy and sorrow tell us a deeper truth.
Language: English / Italian

(Firenze - the World)
Voices from the Assagioli Archives
This Group will hold a meeting to share the spirit that radiates and animates its work in the Assagioli Archives at the headquarters of the Institute in Florence. A rich and varied experience, it is particularly impressive because of the direct contact with R.A.’s original handwritten material emerging from the boxes bursting with papers that had been lying for years in the cellars of his house. The meeting will offer the opportunity to share the intense experiences flooding the minds of all those at work to interpret, catalogue and computerize those often tiny, faded notelets on which Assagioli recorded his thoughts. Lena Runge’s film made at the International Meeting in October 2011 will also be projected; it is a firsthand account - witness to the soul and working methods of this Group that is being enriched in time by new members and is open to possible future collaboration.
Language: Italian / English

The impact of Gratitude
We will celebrate the full meaning of Roberto Assagioli's Star and Egg Diagram by experiencing the impact of gratitude inwardly and outwardly within our group. Participants will be invited to "Create a Will Project”. This can be practised immediately and throughout the Conference while interacting with others in order to experience the full impact and power of gratitude.
Language: English

(New Zealand)
Redeeming a Colonial Legacy: Psychosynthesis in Aotearoa/New Zealand
In Aotearoa there is a unique and quite extraordinary political and social experiment unfolding. It involves how we as a nation meet head-on the experience and effects of colonisation. A founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi of 1840, arose out of the meeting of two distinct cultures - the indigenous Maori culture, and the British/European colonising cultures.
The task is how we make this document relevant to the 21st century.
It is one thing to simply declare that social and political life will henceforth be conducted according to the principles of this treaty, and to include such a declaration in government guidelines, requirements, and legislation. How this is to be done, is quite another.
A key understanding that is emerging concerns how we enter and engage the process of examining our own worldview and then how we come into relationship with the worldview of the other. This crucially underpins how our bi-cultural conversation is conducted.
The lens and processes of psychosynthesis have much to offer this conversation.
This workshop will synthesise some of the learning and practice arising from 25 years of practising and teaching psychosynthesis in a Pacific context.
Experiential -Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

D7 (& B10)
Feeling and dealing Part 2
Developing emotional intelligence, and in particular learning to deal with anger responsibly, constitutes a major challenge for our society. In this workshop we will explore the differences between constructive and destructive forms of emotional expression, and healthy or unhealty forms of emotional restraint. The experiential parts of the workshop are based mainly on working through the body with movement. The theoretical framework will focus on an understanding of disidentification that is informed by recent theories of mentalisation.
Part 1 of the workshop is an invitation to explore our individual relationship to anger, and can be seen as an aspect of personal psychosynthesis.
Part 2 of the workshop will focus on the world, and the emotions that are evoked by our current global situation. Allowing those emotions can strengthen our sense of purpose, and can be seen as an aspect of transpersonal psychosynthesis.
Language: English / Italian

Silence, Self and Service  COMPLETE
Inner silence is the quality of the Self described by Assagioli as completely beyond all duality. He stressed the temporary nature of reaching this state and how an individual, when returning to everyday consciousness after such an experience, is inevitably imbued with a sense of service and collective responsibility. Working to reach a state of inner silence aligns Psychosynthesis with Mystery Schools that ‘initiate’ aspirants to a level beyond which self initiation becomes key, and puts us in touch with long-standing spiritual traditions that both inform and ‘stand behind’ Psychosynthesis.
A statement ascribed to The Greek Mysteries and quoted by Assagioli reiterates the central theme in a more poetic form: “Be Silent, O strings, that a new melody may flow in me.”
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

The Web of Change
Today we are faced with a series of interconnected and interdependent problems and every single effort to solve one of them is destined to fail. A radical change of thought is called for along with a shift in the very values on which our lives are based. We are beginning to realize that we can grasp the meaning of the qualities of parts only by studying and understanding the whole by which they are contained. This is an important break with the past that allows us to see parts within an indissoluble weft or web from which they draw their sense and meaning. Not only is each human being himself a web but the whole of the plan of life on our Planet is a vast web of what we call “humanity”. This shows us why it is important to work on ourselves: one’s own improvement gets transmitted and activates feedback that enriches the entire web.
Language: Italian

Death, a positive experience
In this workshop we investigate our experiences, notions and fears around death and being mortal and how we can be with clients in situations concerning death. We deepen our understanding of how we can live in presence, aware of our own (and others’) limited time span – and also what we long to create, experience and do personally and interpersonally before our time is up.
Eva Sanner is an experienced psychosynthesis therapist educated at PsykosyntesAkademin, Stockholm, Sweden, and also a well-known author in the field of psychology and personal development. She is presently member of the board of the PsykosyntesAkademin Foundation.
Language: English / Italian

Honoring the Sacred Feminine: A Pilgrimage to the Soul
This workshop inspires strong women to rediscover, reclaim, and further develop an ongoing relationship with their individual sacred/divine feminine nature. Using Psychosynthesis and other important concepts, this session is designed to raise conscious awareness on the path to wholeness. It seeks to restore balance to a way of life that has been dominated by a patriarchal society by reviewing the transitional history and balance of power from matriarchal to patriarchal values, thought, expressions, art, and religion. The purpose of the workshop is to support strong women's current mid-life search for meaning and renewal and bring to consciousness the barriers to feminine growth so that they can be transformed, in the true spirit of Psychosynthesis. Participants will sample practices that manifest change by delving into the unconscious aspects of the Divine Feminine in order to remake and rechoose our conscious path to reconnect with the Soul.
Excerpts from the weekend workshops designed and held by Dr. Schafer and Dr. Lippmann highlight the courageous journey required for a deepening into one's "shadow" side, for this is the process that ultimately activates and engages the healing process.
Language: English

Creating peace, every day COMPLETE
“We learn how to live in peace therefore how to give, emanate, peace all around us, everywhere we go. All of us wish to give peace, but if we want to be really able to do that we should first be at peace, live in the great peace, become peace.“ (Roberto Assagioli)
This workshop offers body, mind and spirit practices that can help us create peace in our inner and outside lives.
Language: Italian / English

JAN TAAL (Nederland)
Imagery Toolbox for coping with Cancer
In case of cancer, imagery can be a powerful means to cope with emotions, enhance well-being, self-strengthening and healing. The Imagery Toolbox has been developed to provide persons who are confronted with cancer or another serious illness with simple, accessible imagery tools they can use on their own and/or with little (or more) guidance. The Imagery Toolbox is meant to be available in hospitals and care centers.
The toolbox contains a set of various symbolic image photographs, three CD's with eight imagery exercises for well-being, healing, dealing with and supporting treatments, pain and the affected body, a CD with various kinds of music, drawing material, a note-book and a manual. The workshop consist of presentation of key-subjects and techniques, demonstration and exercises with the participants.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English

Allowing oneself to dream projects for better living to place ourselves within the huge changes of our time, favouring our intuitive and imaginative abilities, humanizing each sphere of life...
...we see the universe increasingly as cosmogenesis instead of cosmos. We perceive a long sequence of creative activities that emerge along extended periods of development leading eventually to the present time. We see ourselves as a creative process in emergence rather than fixed beings whose existence and whose functions are permanently stable.. (freely adapted from Thomas Berry)
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: Italian / English

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