fondato da Roberto Assagioli - Associazione di Promozione Sociale



Introduced, translated and annotated by Catherine Ann Lombard

Published by Istituto di Psicosintesi (through Youcanprint) 204 p. € 16,90
ISBN 979-12-21402-74-2

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The complete texts of Roberto Assagioli's writings are now available on the Assagioli Archives site

To the approximately 19,000 documents and handwritten notes held in the Studio Archives, new ones belonging to the Synthesis Section are now also available for online access.
These are the printed publications of Assagioli's writings, the typewritten texts of lectures and conferences, the drafts of articles and books, written in Italian and English, but also in many other languages.
All the documents, divided by language and alphabetically ordered by title, have been scanned and cataloged to facilitate research and consultation.
This new addition will be of great interest to those wishing to deepen the knowledge of Roberto Assagioli's thought, which covers a very long period of time, i.e. from the first writings of 1905 to 1974.
We invite you to visit the website and consult the Archives (after a simple free registration), leafing through the individual documents contained in the folders or doing targeted searches on the topics that interest you.


psychosynthesis world map

Dear psychosynthetics,
in which Centers in the world is Psychosynthesis currently taught and practiced?

Inspired by the World Psychosynthesis Day, in issue 32 (October 2019) of our Rivista di Psicosintesi, we launched an initiative, entitled Pearls on a string, aimed at weaving together the world centers, as points of light engaged in teaching and diffusing Psychosynthesis.

In the attempt to "map” our community, and help our imaginative function to visualize the network of Centers engaged in the wonderful adventure called Psychosynthesis, we have created a Google map. At the moment, we have entered only the Istituto di Psicosintesi and its affiliated centers, and a few others, just to make a test. more


"Roberto Assagioli in his own words. Fragments of an autobiography"

Book taken from the interviews of Eugene Smith in 1974, edited by Yoav Dattilo, Piero Ferrucci, Vivien Reid Ferrucci (Ed. Istituto di Psicosintesi, 2019).