fondato da Roberto Assagioli - Associazione di Promozione Sociale


Organizers: Gruppo Eventi, a section of the group Alle Fonti.

The group “Alle Fonti” [At the Wellsprings] is a group of 12 members working on a voluntary basis at the Istituto di Psicosintesi, with the intention to make Roberto Assagioli’s work available to an increasing number of friends of Psychosynthesis.
The group has been involved with Casa Assagioli since 2006 and is responsible for preserving and cataloguing the materials in the three archives and the library, organizes both Italian and International meetings and offers support to research or whatever concerned with the archives and Casa Assagioli.

Five years ago, when our group envisioned the first international meeting at Casa Assagioli, we embarked upon a true adventure. We are a group of volunteers who have been involved for about eight years now in restoring back to its original integrity the archives and library found at Casa Assagioli, a lovely nineteenth century Florentine villa some of us helped restore. Our work, an ongoing project, is possible thanks to the support of the Institute of Psychosynthesis founded by Assagioli in this same villa, back in 1946.

It was by doing the archival work that we discovered a treasure to share with the world: the knowledge contained in the mimeograph articles, the wisdom alive in the literally thousands of handwritten notes Assagioli left, the impressive variety of international textbooks and manuals shelved in Assagioli’s psychological library, the variety of topics covered in his conference drafts and papers. Most of all, we wanted to share with others the feeling of the home, the atmosphere and energy that lives here.

We had a vision: back to the wellsprings. The vision defined a purpose: to welcome psychosynthesis friends to Roberto Assagioli’s home, so that we help the spirit of psychosynthesis find renewal and spread to the world from the very roots where it all began.

Over the last five years, we have seen people from all paths of life and from the most distant corners of the world come here and build a true community of seekers. We have seen the emotion and the awe, the care in the handling of material and in the listening to each other. We have witnessed intuition unfold in the light of the Self. We have seen laughter and joy, commitment and care, openness and empowerment.

Many participants to past sessions of the International Meeting have been enthusiastic about the inspiration they received here. They often tell us it has ignited their inner spark, revealed a vision. Others have felt empowered in their ongoing commitment to psychosynthesis and their professional service. Many have found energy and the courage to take on important new endeavors. The heartfelt contact and deep exchange with other co-workers from around the world creates an uplifting experience of belonging to a larger soul-community and the opportunity to extend our international network.