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Roberto Assagioli in his own words

Fragments of an autobiography

Roberto Assagioli

Recorded by Eugene Smith. Edited by Yoav Dattilo, Piero Ferrucci, Vivien Reid Ferrucci

Ed. Istituto di Psicosintesi 2019

Roberto Assagioli's unfinished autobiography as per his 1974 recorded interviews by American Doctor Eugene Smith who produced them prior to his death.

(from the Preface)
Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, never craved the limelight. He preferred to do his important work in silence, “dietro le quinte” as we say in Italian: behind the scenes.
However, toward the end of his life, interest in psychosynthesis began to increase. Students were starting to come from overseas; his books were being translated; the media were interested; the time was ripe for him and his work to be known.
Among the visitors was a doctor from Boston, Eugene Smith, who offered to write his biography. Assagioli promptly accepted: he thought psychosynthesis could be for many a meaningful source of inspiration and healing, and that if people read about him, perhaps they would also be interested in his work...