fondato da Roberto Assagioli - Associazione di Promozione Sociale

Workshops - Session B

Friday June 3, 2016

3:00 - 5:00 pm

Counselling in the life cycles
"It seems that things happen as it is intrinsically right for them, becoming what they are meant to be".
Man's life can be divided into cycles of growth. In the transition from one cycle to another one the individual goes into crisis. The steps allow to evolve reacting and implementing the design of the Self towards the individualisation and the blossoming of our original seed. The report will take into account the cyclicality of the septennia identifying the critical points and the developmental tasks of the various phases with a particular focus on issues brought in counseling depending on age .In the practical part we will use the tool of autobiography to identify personal cyclicalities and to grasp the trend of our own personal individualization.

Interdependence and Star of the Functions
All our actions, thoughts and emotionsarise in relation to actions, thoughts and emotions of others. Taoism, Buddhism, systemic and holistic visions and numerous other schools of thought have emphasized this reality for thousands of years. Yet we perceive ourselves as individuals as such, independent, original and often self-referential. The type of culture in which we are immersed reinforces this perception. Never more than now has it become essential to develop an ecological mind that thinks in terms of systems, recognizing the fallout of our actions on others and on the external and internal environment (sub-personalities).
During this workshop we will use the Star of the Functions to create experiences that allow us to develop a greater awareness of the interdependence of all phenomena, and we will give space to reflections on ideas, behaviors and attitudes in line with this awareness.

Exploration of therapeutic skills through the techniques of improvisational theatre
lmprovisational theatre offers a wide range of techniques that gives the psychosynthesis therapist possibilites to exp!ore:
- Listening skills
- Empowerment of empathic understanding , unconditional acceptance, non-judgmental attitude
- Development of emotional intuition and capacity to respond creatively to the unexpected (i.e. improvisational skills)
- Implementation of the abitity to reach "the heart of Ihe story"
- Refinement of the ability to manage the "here and now" and unforeseen
We offer a workshop, blending improvisational skills with psychosynthesis theory and skills, by means of play and co-creation with peers, to reach new depths within ourselves and our profession.

Healing emotions by understanding the five phases on transformation. Psychosynthesis meets Traditional Chinese Medicine
We all know anger, frustration, joy, empathy and sorrow, sadness, grief and fear by heart. To centred means to be aware of our feelings, to accept them as e-motions, to let them come and go. The task is to go with the flow, to be the emperor of your self, not to block or to overreact or even to get exhausted - it is to develop the ability to dis-identify.
In the Traditional Chinese Medicine it is understood that restrained or overemphasis emotions can seriously damage our health. Our bodies manifest, store our feelings, for example worry can deplete the immune system and anger can strain the heart.
This workshop is an approach between the philosophy of Yin and Yang, the 5 Phases and Psychosynthesis.
Discover the microcosm in the macrocosm to transform anger, conquer fear, release sadness and break the worry habit - and create balance relating to the circles of live. Enhance your self-awareness. Develop stability and your inner sense of worth.

Living Gay leathersex, a relational source on alternative sexualities for therapeutic training and practice
Based on original research for an MA and 2 Chapters for a book on Gender & Sexual Diversity due to be published shortly, this workshop will attempt to open up a psychological space between BDSM, male homosexuality and psychotherapy. Splicing reflections on my own life experiences and therapeutic modelling during training with those of three interviewees, I apply Psychosynthesis and Person Centred psychotherapy methodology to identify and validate psychological states of mind that can be experienced in gay male homosexuality. I discuss the  psychological equality that can exist in BDSM and look at the meaning of transpersonal as an intimate connectedness and self-actualising process between sexual partners and within sexual communities. Further, I consider comparisons between psychological shifts/position in Gay Leathersex and conventional therapeutic sessions to advance Psychosynthesis and Assagioli's take on sexuality further. I offer up  non-pathological guide to Gay Leathersex, alternative lifestyle communities and an alternative opportunity for a transformed sexuality, spirituality and self-actualisation process that could be used in therapy and therapeutic training.

UTA GABBAY  (Israel)
Psychosynthesis Group in Jerusalem
The Hechal Group in Jerusalem works for over 10 years with aspects of Assagioli’s teachings, applying them in and as a group, and experimenting with being a ‘Conscious I’ within and for the conflict-filled environment in which it operates.
The workshop will give an account and a practical taste of this work, including:
• the application of Assagioli’s Human Typology in group work,
• creative group meditation,
• psychosynthesis of a collective entity.
The workshop will include a presentation, a guided meditative exercise and discussion.

From the roots - seeds for tomorrow
Only with a VISION can you  build a future worthy of this name. Artistically using  some of Assagioli’s manuscripts, each participant will be committed to seek a vision that, like a seed, contain the creative energy capable of becoming action, their own or of others.
Working with your hands or even with the whole body, to create images, movements, symbols ... everyone will be able to open up to his own inspiration, to that of the group and to that of the powerful selected manuscripts.
The works produced will be commented in the group and finally composed into a single artistic collective work that can be shown subsequently to all the participants.

When you eat, do you inhabit your body or are you elsewhere? “Who” eats, then?
The psychosynthesis of eating brings the observer to the table, so that she/he can become aware of her/his relationship with food, with her/his body and, in general, with life.
The workshop will consist of awareness exercises aimed to redirect attention to the body, in the present time which is the time of conscience.
Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs about food, can deeply influence our metabolism, and being aware of them can be a great opportunity to get back to living inside our body, making peace with it.

Developing an Ethic of Harmlessness
We live in a time of great personal and social potential. We are at the the tipping point where we can now choose to move beyond a constant undercurrent of harm and instead embed the habit of harmlessness as our expected and usual response.
Harmlessness is a core spiritual quality underlying all spiritual and philosophical traditions. It is also key to Psychosynthesis: its development involves wise use of the Will and discrimination; its result is Service (Assagioli, "Discrimination in Service").
This workshop identifies and provides practice in five types of actions that help individuals develop harmlessness. We work with hints for group reflection, journaling techniches and creative meditation.

To Choose Love. Working with Psychosynthesis and Couples
Working with Psychosynthesis and Couples, a Small Scale Conflict Resolution and a First Step of the Love Revolution.
Modern life is full of challenges and many couples find it hard to make their relationship work and/or even face the disappointment of separation. For us as therapists or counsellors, psychosynthesis many times offers a different or complementary way of seeing the problem, compared to other disciplines.
Instead of wanting the partner to change in a certain direction, the problem itself shows how a couple can grow together, if they choose to stay together or even if they separate.
A number of ps tools and perspectives are useful in couple’s work – bifocal vision of a situation, disidentification, subpersonalities, the lower and higher unconscious, purpose, awareness and choice. Supporting the couple to choose love, both for the other and for themselves, is active conflict resolution and gives a new understanding of the meaning of relationship. As a result, there is also the possibility of making other choices differently.

Co-creative Group
How can Psychosynthesis have a future in the school?
Sharing and exchange of an experience.
In the delicate phase of transition from childhood to adolescence young people have so much energy that they do not know how to channel it. The Education Group of the Psychosynthesis Center of Palermo and Trapani has developed an experimental training path of three years to accompany the boys of this age group to get in touch with their inner world to learn how to decipher it. Through the realized modular path it has been shown that psychosyntetic practice, in school, can manage educational interventions and intervene in a non-invasive way with attention to individual differences. It enhances the potential and allows to exploration of fragility with confidence; it fosters the development of the capacity for internal and external observation; it encourages the discovery of the multiplicity in ourselves and the others; it raises self-esteem levels, training students towards a positive and proactive approach towards the life.