fondato da Roberto Assagioli - Associazione di Promozione Sociale


"…we may hope to make a valuable contribution to the spiritual psychological and external integration of humanity…. to usher in a new and truly human civilisation and culture, a new way of living."
R. Assagioli

So far, will has been considered almost exclusively from a philosophic and existential point of view, while being ignored or denied as a psychic function. No aspect of the human psyche has been so poorly understood and so greatly underestimated.

Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, has placed the will at the centre of the psychosynthetic path.
He has shown how we can develop it through specific training and because of its power to release the creativity with which every human being is endowed, he proclaimed it a prerequisite in the process of self actualisation.
Through learning to will, our human experience moves from the periphery to the centre of consciousness, we bring ourselves from inner chaos to the harmonic expression of the physical, emotional and mental levels; we support the alignment with the laws which regulate life in the universe.

The Istituto di Psicosintesi proposes an International Conference on the Culture of the Will showing the seed not only of a new culture in knowledge but also for creative action.
This Conference aims to cover both the potentialities and puzzles linked to the will.

It offers the opportunity for:
• exchanging, confronting and synthesizing recent advances on the will from around the world;
• recognising the mistaken images and concepts of the will that cause resistance and difficulty, thus allowing new perceptions, visions and attitudes to emerge;
• elaborating new research, experiments, and working projects to establish a Culture of Will.

Mariagrazia G. Sassi
President of the Istituto di Psicosintesi