fondato da Roberto Assagioli - Associazione di Promozione Sociale

Workshops - Session B

Friday June 22, 2012
3:15-4:45 pm

The symbol of unity at the heart of diversity: culture at the crossroads
We all live in multiple cultures, whether family, national, family birth group (race, class, gender, etc), or chosen group. The present world calls us to cross traditional boundaries, and to lose and reconstruct our identity. We leave our historical roots to take a journey where the unknown, the stranger, the other, and even the enemy, may be our teacher. This workshop is for those who are already travelling and those beginning to cross cultures. Where is home? Who am I? Who are You? are the first questions, along with for What and for Whom? The world as a whole is also at this crossroads. There is no way that may not lead to a potential synthesis if we develop certain awarenesses and qualities, and if we realize we travel not alone. This workshop will include personal reflection and sharing, leading to some theoretical discussion of transpersonal / transcultural consciousness and how it may be developed in education, therapy, the psychosynthesis community and world issues.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Psychosynthesis and the Path of Daily Transformation
With the inception of the Internet over a decade ago came a paradigm shift in technology that has changed the very nature of how the world works. This complex network has created what I imagine as an evolutionary global nervous system that ties us together in new ways. Yet, the effect of this network on our connection as human beings is only now being understood. In this pattern of constant and instantaneous connection with what we perceive as “everyone”, with life, with the world, I see a disappearance. As we hurl ourselves forward, what are we leaving behind? In this experiential workshop we will discuss the changing nature of transformation through the eyes of the Psychosynthesis model. We will: consider the polarity of distraction and depth and the effect on our daily choices; discuss what lies at the heart of uncertainty and how to walk through it while holding the fullness of our experience; and discover and practice simple exercises that focus on the Self, our relationship to the Self, our relationships to the world and ultimately a path of reclamation for our lives.
Language: English

Across Multiple Worlds: Transformation in Relationship - Self and Others 
In this lively (and reflective) experiential workshop, you will learn and be invited to practice a beautifully simple and memorable approach to building, deepening, and transforming relationships. The approach will be introduced in words and pictures. It will then be extended by connecting it with the chakras, colors, and sound and by overlaying it with Assagioli's vision of human consciousness. As a participant, you will have an opportunity to practice the use of the multi-layered results across these multiple worlds to deepen your own relationship with yourself. You will receive handouts and are encouraged to bring a JOURNAL.
Workshop Objectives:
1. Participants will be able to identify stages of relationships presented.
2. Participants will be able to relate the stages to chakras and to colors.
3. Participants will discuss the overlay of Assagioli's vision of human consciousness onto the stages of relationships and the chakras.
4. Participants will practice applying the stages of relationship to their relationship with themselves.
5. Participants will reflect on and discuss ways to apply the stages of relationship in their lives
Sound intriguing…confusing? Come see for yourself … and enjoy!
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Tango & Mindfulness COMPLETE
Each of us has the necessary potential for overcoming our difficulties. Trust and motivation are the fundamental elements of this personal development and they can be evoked through dancing the Tango. The Tango is a dialogue composed of movements, gestures, posture, expressions, sensations. It is a global relational experience involving our body, psyche and emotions. Through experience, inner changes take place characterizing the effectiveness of healing action. A dual opening process begins: towards others, and getting to know and appreciate oneself.
To favour the exploration of the sensations of both our body and emotions, in the workshop we will make use of some typical elements of the Tango such as the embrace, in which body dialogue with the other person helps us to recognize new energies and potentials of our being.
The Tango is therefore an instrument that increases our awareness. It aids the self-exploration of our inner world and animates positive elements such as trust, wisdom and kindness.
Language: Italian

A new biopsychosynthesis model: the Subtle Bodies COMPLETE
In my body-work practice, particularly biodynamic craniosacral therapy, I have developed a biopsychosynthesis model that helps me to evaluate the state of health and monitor progress in my clients’ sessions. In craniosacral therapy one works hands-on with clients, but the person is taken into consideration in his biosphere, i.e. that electromagnetic field that surrounds each one of us. Through my studies and experience in the energetic field I have widened my observation of my clients, taking into consideration also the person’s whole aura. According to recent studies, the aura is composed of 15 bodies (referring to 7 principal chakras and transpersonal centres). However my study covers 11 bodies (that I have included within the Assagiolian Egg). This model is presented in the workshop and the composition of the aura is explained. There will be the opportunity for directly experiencing these bodies through meditation.
Experiential -Theoretical
Language: Italian

Transforming our relations at work
The social field constellates the whole of our existence. Human relations are essential for the birth, development and the very maintenance of our lives.
Transforming oneself always implies a transformative turbulence in our relations. But the opposite is also true: consciously and beneficially transforming one’s relations naturally leads each individual to evolve. Specifically, working relations often reveal dysfunctional aspects and may become cause for slight or great suffering.
Psychosynthesis practice may intervene on various levels in the dynamics and dysfunctional processes that are determined in working organizations, operating both in the sphere of individual and group transformation. This experiential workshop aims at providing an example of how to approach such themes, linking the intra-psychic level to the relational level.
Language: Italian

The journey and the dream of the soul in a 17th Century garden COMPLETE
There is a 17th Century garden on the Euganei hills near Padova, in Italy, where one can contemplate the symbolized journey of man from earth to sky created there. The slide show with pictures of the garden and of its various details, interpreted in an historical, artistic and symbolic sense, will give us the opportunity to travel inwardly through the language of Psychosynthesis: “Know, Possess, Transform into Beauty”.
Personal experiences and emotions pave the way towards a universal but conceivable dream of the soul.
Language: Italian / English

“Think with your heart” - a journey through symbols to encounter your feelings COMPLETE
This workshop gives participants the brief experience of a process for testing a deep form of work that through expressive therapies (associated with other techniques well known to psychosynthesis) leads to becoming acquainted with one’s feelings.
The aim of this work is to create an “abc” of emotions for the therapeutic area of eating disorders (emotional autism). It is nevertheless applicable to all unexpressed emotional uneasiness.
Starting with a short relaxation in which attention is focussed on the body (awareness), participants are invited to visualize an image freely. Materials and techniques are made available (and can be selected) and time is given for a creation to emerge (whether an image, a word, an expression of the body or a musical expression, etc., according to the materials or techniques chosen). This is then shared freely in the group in the second part of the experience and emotions evoked singly as well as those resonating in the group are discussed. The aim is to demonstrate how symbols can be linked with emotivity.
Language: Italian

B10 (& D7)
Feeling and dealing Part 1
Developing emotional intelligence, and in particular learning to deal with anger responsibly, constitutes a major challenge for our society. In this workshop we will explore the differences between constructive and destructive forms of emotional expression, and healthy or unhealty forms of emotional restraint. The experiential parts of the workshop are based mainly on working through the body with movement. The theoretical framework will focus on an understanding of disidentification that is informed by recent theories of mentalisation.
Part 1 of the workshop is an invitation to explore our individual relationship to anger, and can be seen as an aspect of personal psychosynthesis.
Part 2 of the workshop will focus on the world, and the emotions that are evoked by our current global situation. Allowing those emotions can strengthen our sense of purpose, and can be seen as an aspect of transpersonal psychosynthesis.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Bringing Yogic Techniques into the Psychosynthesis Session to Regulate the Nervous System
While presence is central to Psychosynthesis practice, its physiological correlatives have not received attention. New discoveries from the field of neurosciences, made by Peter Levine, Stephen Porges and others, stress the importance of nervous system regulation, for both the client and the therapist, to promote psychological healing, and shed light on the embodied nature of presence. Workshop participants will be introduced to key concepts in nervous system regulation and experience how it enhances presence through sensory awareness, breathing and meditative exercises.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Awareness of the body, awareness of the soul  COMPLETE
In our current language the body and the soul are seen as a duality or separate polarities. The perception of our body is near at hand.
Our physical sensations, above all the painful ones, have a very strong impact on our emo-tions, thoughts, behaviour and personal identity. The body is visible. It is the symbol of our existence, the image with which we enter into relation with others. The body becomes the idol, fruit of desire, the way to success. But what should we say about the soul that we do not see? What is the soul? What is its’ relation to the body? Can we overcome the duality between body and soul? How can we make the soul visible? These questions can find their answers when we undertake a path to rediscover our own inner resources. It is then that the soul manifests itself and the body-soul dichotomy transforms into a body-soul unity.
Language: Italian / French

Expressive Movement, Art and Psychosynthesis
This experiential workshop introduces the Tamalpa Life/Art Process, a Holistic approach based on embodied creativity that highlights the principles of movement/dance and its inherent relationship with psychology and art. Participants will be guided to feel and deeply listen to the body’s wisdom, increasing physical, emotional and mental awareness while working with sub personalities through movement, drawing and writing. This synthesis is a way of developing a sense of personal and interpersonal self to create a more integrated personality aligned with the realization of the Higher Self. When we are able to become aware, accept and understand ourselves on a personal level we are better able to relate to others and offer our gifts to the world.
Language: English / Italian

Understanding the Dynamics of the Will in Addiction Treatment
A study aimed at exploring the dynamics of the will related to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
What would the implications be for substance abuse treatment to acquire further knowledge and understanding the dynamics of the will. What does main stream psychology say about the volitional act versus psychosynthesis understanding of the concept of ‘will’ related to addiction treatment. What does international research say about the dynamics of the will in addiction treatment? Can treatment of substance abuse be enhanced through further exploration of the dynamics of the so called personal free will in psychology versus a higher power as Alcoholics Anonymous (12-step treatment) terms it or the personal and transpersonal will as psychosynthesis would frame it? How do the concepts of conscious and unconscious will fit into this picture? Let’s explore these questions together.
This workshop is built on the present work for my doctoral thesis for the Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Professional Studies, Middlesex University, London.
Language: English