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Workshops - Session C

Saturday June 23, 2012
9:45 am - 12:45 pm

Healing with unconditional love and forgiveness
This will be an experiential workshop of Edith Stauffer's original work . It will also include a variation which I have found to work with helping individuals realize the importance of forgiveness in relation to their personal health. As the first person to be certified by Dr. Stauffer in Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, I have first hand knowledge and experience with her system. At the same time, I understand other motivations than those which she used.
For example, in today's world, anger and resentment are predominant in all countries and all facets of life. It is well known that anger harms the physical body, as well as creating emotional distance between individuals. The process to be presented in this workshop demonstrates how such anger can be transformed into love and a broader understanding of life events - both personally and globally.
Handouts will be available and true stories will be told about using this method, on request from participants.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English

KRISTINA BRODE (Deutschland)
Archetypal Psychosynthesis. Mythology as a tool for Peacemaking and Reconciliation in the Collective Unconsciousness
Our biographic experience forms our life, builds strategies of coping, is responsible for success or failure in life. All these challenges and personal traits can be modified or even healed by therapy. Tapping into the memory of the human race, dealing with the myths of ages provides the material to let healing happen on a wider universal plane, healing of nations. Redemption of the imprints of pain and suffering of humanity is requested. The imprinted memory of deceit and betrayal at the turn from matrilineal cultures to patriarchy has to be looked at. Being in this wonderful city of Rome, we will work with the Myth of Romulus and Remus, its founders. The workshop will give you the opportunity to experience working with Archetypes, the sub-personalities of the Collective Unconsciousness.
Language: English / Italian

When Stephen M. Johnson’s "Character Styles" meet Assagioli’s "Psychosynthesis Typologies": different disciplines, common ground
In this experiential workshop, psychotherapist Mark Colclough will engagingly present an interface between psychosynthesis and characterology. Specifically Mark will explore how Assagioli's "Psychosynthesis Typologies" interface with Johnson's "Character Styles". In doing so, Mark hopes to offer participants an opportunity to re-visit Assagioli's unfinished work on typologies and what Assagioli termed a "Differential Psychology". Further, Mark hopes to potentially synthesize these areas with Stephen M. Jonson's contemporary work in object relations and developmental psychology. The workshop is intended as an eclectic mix of theory, written and drawn exercises, as well as discussions in small groups or in plenum. Mark will speak in simple and clear English. Mark hopes that all participants will be afforded an opportunity to explore how seven typologies mixed with seven character styles can provide a deeper understanding of the client’s personality and psychopathology. Mark's goal is to facilitate group experiences and discussions and to creatively bring forward an integral understanding of our psychosynthesis work, as we seek to explore the mysteries of the human psyche.
Language: English

The Science of Creative Meditation – Assagioli’s Other Legacy COMPLETE
Psychosynthesis offers a life-long journey of self-development. R.A. realised the need for a spiritual quest to remedy our ‘divine discontent’ and gifted us the Science of Creative Meditation. “It is not generally recognised that meditation is a form of action – inner action... I have sometimes called meditation ‘exploration of the inner worlds’ because these dimensions are full of energies... In a sense we are living in them all the time in part of our nature; the psychological life has tangible existence in these fields... In them originates all that happens in the outer world...” RA – from GCM Study Paper. In this workshop we will explore the science of creative meditation as a tool of service for the common good.
Experiential - Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

Shalom – a call for peace from the depth of Roberto Assagioli’s archive
In 1954 R.A wrote a short article named ‘SHALOM’ in which he describes the true meaning of the word /concept of Shalom - Peace and its connection to Psychosynthesis. In this article R.A also elaborates on the 4 levels of systems where he calls for Shalom-peace to be applied. R.A's call for peace from 58 years ago, is as relevant today as it was then and even more so, his ideas, through Psychosynthesis, can offer a more holistic perspective for the process of peace making. In this workshop we will follow R.A.’s ideas of Shalom-Peace and the 4 levels of its application and engage in experiential reflections. Sharing and discussion will follow.
Language: English / Italian

In taking care of yourself you take care of everything
Everything that takes place affects us and makes an impression on our minds and emotions. If we become aware of this and learn to modify the energy that flows within us positively, with loving compassion, we will contribute to the integration of peoples and cultures and reconcile ourselves with the whole of the planet in all its manifestations. This workshop offers exercises and the opportunity to practice for learning how we can improve ourselves and our planet.
Language: Italian

Communicating Across Cultures
Your supervisor and your colleagues come from all over the world. You discuss, plan, and chat over coffee together, but are you really communicating? Intercultural sensitivity is not ‘natural’ to any single culture, and the development of this ability demands new awareness and attitudes. Psychosynthesis provides an ideal perspective, models and techniques for cutting through habitual patterns of defense, prejudices, expectations, and mindsets to open up to new levels of multicultural communication. In this workshop, we first talk about how critical incidents are a means to gaining new awareness about a different culture. We then discuss the barriers to successful communication, especially focusing on individualism vs. collectivism, power distance and uncertainty avoidance. Based on this framework, we then look at differences between cultures with regard to etiquette, resolving conflict, non-verbal communication, and rules and conventions, and forms of address. Next we explore how to develop intercultural sensitivity with the key concept of difference – that cultures fundamentally differ in the way they create and maintain world views. Finally, these ideas are integrated with Assagioli’s understanding of polarities and the psychosynthesis concept of right relations.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

The (wonderful) complexity of our inner world. Integrating subpersonalities through Mandala Work in Psychosynthesis COMPLETE
This workshop explores the meaning and the use of mandalas in psychosynthesis, in particular in the work with subpersonalities, to understand the complexity of our inner world, and its unchangeable core. After a short presentation (20 minutes), the participants will be engaged in a series of drawing and meditative exercises (including one-to-one and pairs) that can be used in a variety of settings while exploring subpersonalities. An open group discussion concludes the experience. This workshop integrates for the first time the work of leading Junguian mandalist Judith Cornell with Assagiolian ideas and techniques. No previous art experience needed.
Language: English / Italian

Heart Energy, a way to universality
In the ancient Eastern traditions the heart is considered the centre of wisdom and awareness.
This prevalently experiential workshop proposes some techniques such as meditation, visualization, Qi Gong and heart chakra exercises. These are specific for cultivating heart energy, and give attention to those qualities of the higher unconscious level: joy, presence, loving attention, compassion and others.
Through the mediation of the transpersonal Self these qualities make us aware of the interconnectedness or enmeshment that exists between ourselves and others, between ourselves and the world, and put us in relation with the Universe.
Cultivating heart energy promotes in us a sense of belonging to the world in which each may apply his personal will in aspects of wisdom, love, strength, aligning himself with the transpersonal and universal will.
Language: Italian / English

WYSE: World Youth Services & Enterprise - A program for Vision and Leadership
This is a 3-hour workshop which aims to stimulate participants to reflect and explore how they can use their visions and intuitions to play an active role in making a positive contribution in tackling some of the challenges humanity is facing today.
This experiential workshop will supply an opportunity to take vision to action through group work and discussion, guided visualization and coaching.
It provides a short example of some of the psychosynthetical techniques WYSE applies in training young leaders from all over the world and supporting them in making a positive difference in their communities.
Language: English / Italian

The heart slowly starts beating at its own pace COMPLETE
Our heart holds the memory of the wounds of the soul: past experiences of betrayal, abandonment, humiliation, loss. These memories prevent us from living the present opportunities of the here and now with confidence and fluidity. This workshop teaches tools to let go of past memories and isolation so that we can allow ourselves to be included again in the web of interrelated life. A workshop to experience the healing power of heart connected with the pulse of deeper conscious life.
Language: English / French

So that Ulysses may return…
This workshop offers the opportunity to experiment the concept of “expanding and returning” on all levels of the personality. To this aim the journey of Ulysses will be used as a pre-text, from its motivational grounds to its ideal goal, its obstacles, conflicts and to the “construction” of the conditions for returning. On a physical level we will experiment the space and context of action within the body, through breathing and grounding (while still, as well as in movement). On an emotional level we will contact resources and obstacles through the recognition of our subpersonalities “mirrored” in the gestalt work that will take place in the circle of participants, in couples and/or in small groups, on the theme proposed. On the level of thought and of images we will contact the proactive abilities of our own creative process by formulating an aim and recognizing it symbolically. On the level of aspirations, the group may individuate a valuable goal and through that decide on one or more objectives to transform into new actions for a positive common cause. The dynamic nature of the workshop including the body-work calls for comfortable clothing.
Language: Italian /

The hidden right hand of the goddess Roma: What does our culture conceal from sight?
In this workshop we will work with one of the Greek Tragedies as an entrance to experience the ambiguity, complexity and dividedness of human life. In these tragedies we meet people who follow a path of struggle and suffering. Often they struggle with feelings of rage, grief and revenge in a context of war. Or they try to escape destiny to end up fulfilling fate by their own hand. As Aeschylos , the great Tragedian said: " we must suffer into truth ". There is no escape. Not only on the personal, but also on the national or global level.
These ancient myths can function as timeless windows on blind spots of our present time and culture : “From the eternal, out of the past, in the present, for the future”.
Language: English / Italian

Mindfulness, Complementary Opposites and Normal Conflict  COMPLETE
This workshop focuses more on normal differences with normal people than on extreme problems or disorders. We will note results of standard conflict practices and explore new practices for greater success. Current brain research is confirming the effectiveness of approaches already familiar in psychosynthesis, and showing ways to enhance them.
So we will play with tools for modifying primitive fight-flee-freeze reactions to ordinary conflict, with a focus on disidentification and mindfulness - to transform the experience of conflict instead of avoiding it. We will encourage the pursuit of interpersonal and social psychosynthesis as organic processes by expanding attention to complementary opposites and reducing the pressure for instant synthesis. And we will look at six additional ways to retool painful prehistoric practices people often resort to in day-to-day conflicts.
We use lecture, games, fun, relaxation, and discussion. We hope to go home with practical insights, new options for handling daily-life issues, and effective clinical interventions. We welcome the challenges and delights of diversity and bringing to life the rich experience of the present moment.
We will offer a practical "toolbox" for expanding and enhancing conflict styles.
Language: English / Italian

The utopia of psychosynthesis: one world for one humanity. One Humanity Project
This workshop is addressed to all individuals or groups with a psychosynthesis training who feel the relation of mankind deeply, beyond personal, interpersonal, social, idealistic differences, or who appertain to something specific and already work or would like to work towards promoting the awareness that we are all part of one humanity and the creativeness connected with it, therefore acting to favour the processes of unification and synthesis through internal and external ways.
The aim of the workshop is to create a common starting point in and with the group, for a project planned for a certain period of time and with this aim at heart, drawing inspiration from the psychosynthesis model and Roberto Assagioli’s work. The project will adhere to the trifocal vision and to the recognition of the intrinsic value of each “individuality” that can find and fully manifest its own function only within a synthetic context.
Use will be made of audio-visual stimuli.
Language: Italian / English

( USA)
Unfolding the Heart-Self-Intelligence
An experiential approach to turn to the heart with appreciation and gratitude in order to establish a direct connection with it and its voice. Entering in relation with the heart opens a profound Self acceptance and acceptance of the other. The heart is the direct path to the deeper innermost Self with its infinite potential. This can be experienced on a physical-energetic level. It is a state of being. The heart carries the memories. Past trauma can be made aware through the heart and released.
Topics addressed:
- Exploring the inner space and appreciating the heart
- Becoming aware of the heart pulse
- Relating to the deeper innermost pulse
- Listening to the voice of the heart
- Connecting to the heart of the earth
Method: We will work mainly experientially, with meditation and movement.
Language: English / Italian

Creative Consciousness in Daily Life - Inner Breath, Dance and Spiritual Psychosynthesis
Breath, dance and movement are primary motions of cosmic order and creativity. They reconnect us inwardly and outwardly and are both instruments, to express the quality of the soul within the body, making us fully alive in the very moment. Listening to the Inner Breath and observing its’ subtle natural flow in the body, deepens and expands our awareness of oneness. Expressing ourselves with dance and movement opens the sources of joy and life within us. In Breath and Dance together we can embrace and experience the Self, both, as a singular person and as part of a community, to which each one of us belongs.
The workshop combines “Contemplative Breath-Work” with dance and exercises from Spiritual Psychosynthesis, giving us new impulses and strength in our daily life.
Language: German / English

Journeying to one Self
Musical Journey, combined with the Mandala Artwork, is an experiential process that fosters self exploration. Applying the tools of holotropic breathwork, and evocative music to enter an altered state of consciousness, one can initiate the innate healing mode of the psyche. The musical frequencies tap into the unique unconscious storyline of the individual and engage the body, mind, emotions and spirit. A mandala is created from the insights gained. Using these visual metaphors and symbols received from the Higher Self, the ego and soul can come together and move toward integration, bridging past and future.
Language: English