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Workshops - Session D

Saturday June 23, 2012
3:15 - 4:45 pm

Experience your role in keeping and furthering psychosynthesis in the world
An investigation will be made with the help of systemic constellations. The participants will cocreate the world of psychosynthesis in the Value Triangle, the universal values of Love, Knowledge and Order, also known as Goodness, Truth and Beauty.
Each one will then investigate the relationship between herself/himself and the various elements of psychosynthesis and the universal values.
We will explore fixed and movable values and also interrelationships of the participants.
There will be dynamics but the method is to slow it down to make it visible. Like a film in slow motion. The depth of presence is very intense and surprising results often get uncovered.
I have experience in leading constellations since five years most of them in Sweden but also at the AAP Conference in 2008 in Vermont, USA and at the EMCC Conference in Dublin, Ireland in 2010.
Language: English

In the Buddhist tradition ignorance is considered to be one of the three mental poisons at the origin of suffering. Ignorance puts us in the condition of perceiving ourselves as separate beings, preventing us from realizing that what we are is profoundly interconnected and inseparable from what others are. The human being has always been immersed in a continuous process of recognizing his own affiliation to ever wider groups and the challenge at this time is to open to entire humanity.
In order to open to the new it is necessary to let the old go. That is difficult because it means meeting a sense of loss of what is known to us, making us vulnerable to something that we do not yet know and that we fear we will not be able to contain. This workshop is dedicated to those processes of the psyche and to those methods that allow us to meet with the unknown through letting go and dissolving fears, attachments and personal interests that keep us tied to old identities and sub-personalities and that prevent us from meeting with a new way of being that includes the other more and more.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: Italian

The Tears We Cry: Holding Joy and Sorrow
This workshop is an exploration of the deep experience of joy and sorrow as we embrace all that is wonderful and all that is painful in our lives. Coming to terms with the disparity of our emotional world and feeling safe in sitting with and sharing our feeling world allows us to be fully human. In a world filled with beauty and tragedy, we can be torn apart by conflicting experiences. We may find ourselves numbing against pain and in so doing numbing against joy as well. Psychosynthesis invites us to experience the whole of who we are, both personally and collectively. This polarity of feeling exists in our inner world as we struggle with our own historical and current experiences of joy and sorrow and it exists in our global world as we experience, at every turn, the pain and grandeur of our world and its citizens. Too easily we find ourselves moving away from complexity into seeing the world and our own lives through one lens or the other. We all know there is an unhealthy tendency to create polarity: this or that, good or bad, them or us, sadness or joy. But when we step into the acceptance and experience of "both/and" we are truly whole. This and that, good and bad, them and us, joy and sorrow tell us a deeper truth.
Language: English / Italian

(Firenze - the World)
Voices from the Assagioli Archives
This Group will hold a meeting to share the spirit that radiates and animates its work in the Assagioli Archives at the headquarters of the Institute in Florence. A rich and varied experience, it is particularly impressive because of the direct contact with R.A.’s original handwritten material emerging from the boxes bursting with papers that had been lying for years in the cellars of his house. The meeting will offer the opportunity to share the intense experiences flooding the minds of all those at work to interpret, catalogue and computerize those often tiny, faded notelets on which Assagioli recorded his thoughts. Lena Runge’s film made at the International Meeting in October 2011 will also be projected; it is a firsthand account - witness to the soul and working methods of this Group that is being enriched in time by new members and is open to possible future collaboration.
Language: Italian / English

The impact of Gratitude
We will celebrate the full meaning of Roberto Assagioli's Star and Egg Diagram by experiencing the impact of gratitude inwardly and outwardly within our group. Participants will be invited to "Create a Will Project”. This can be practised immediately and throughout the Conference while interacting with others in order to experience the full impact and power of gratitude.
Language: English

(New Zealand)
Redeeming a Colonial Legacy: Psychosynthesis in Aotearoa/New Zealand
In Aotearoa there is a unique and quite extraordinary political and social experiment unfolding. It involves how we as a nation meet head-on the experience and effects of colonisation. A founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi of 1840, arose out of the meeting of two distinct cultures - the indigenous Maori culture, and the British/European colonising cultures.
The task is how we make this document relevant to the 21st century.
It is one thing to simply declare that social and political life will henceforth be conducted according to the principles of this treaty, and to include such a declaration in government guidelines, requirements, and legislation. How this is to be done, is quite another.
A key understanding that is emerging concerns how we enter and engage the process of examining our own worldview and then how we come into relationship with the worldview of the other. This crucially underpins how our bi-cultural conversation is conducted.
The lens and processes of psychosynthesis have much to offer this conversation.
This workshop will synthesise some of the learning and practice arising from 25 years of practising and teaching psychosynthesis in a Pacific context.
Experiential -Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

D7 (& B10)
Feeling and dealing Part 2
Developing emotional intelligence, and in particular learning to deal with anger responsibly, constitutes a major challenge for our society. In this workshop we will explore the differences between constructive and destructive forms of emotional expression, and healthy or unhealty forms of emotional restraint. The experiential parts of the workshop are based mainly on working through the body with movement. The theoretical framework will focus on an understanding of disidentification that is informed by recent theories of mentalisation.
Part 1 of the workshop is an invitation to explore our individual relationship to anger, and can be seen as an aspect of personal psychosynthesis.
Part 2 of the workshop will focus on the world, and the emotions that are evoked by our current global situation. Allowing those emotions can strengthen our sense of purpose, and can be seen as an aspect of transpersonal psychosynthesis.
Language: English / Italian

Silence, Self and Service  COMPLETE
Inner silence is the quality of the Self described by Assagioli as completely beyond all duality. He stressed the temporary nature of reaching this state and how an individual, when returning to everyday consciousness after such an experience, is inevitably imbued with a sense of service and collective responsibility. Working to reach a state of inner silence aligns Psychosynthesis with Mystery Schools that ‘initiate’ aspirants to a level beyond which self initiation becomes key, and puts us in touch with long-standing spiritual traditions that both inform and ‘stand behind’ Psychosynthesis.
A statement ascribed to The Greek Mysteries and quoted by Assagioli reiterates the central theme in a more poetic form: “Be Silent, O strings, that a new melody may flow in me.”
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English / Italian

The Web of Change
Today we are faced with a series of interconnected and interdependent problems and every single effort to solve one of them is destined to fail. A radical change of thought is called for along with a shift in the very values on which our lives are based. We are beginning to realize that we can grasp the meaning of the qualities of parts only by studying and understanding the whole by which they are contained. This is an important break with the past that allows us to see parts within an indissoluble weft or web from which they draw their sense and meaning. Not only is each human being himself a web but the whole of the plan of life on our Planet is a vast web of what we call “humanity”. This shows us why it is important to work on ourselves: one’s own improvement gets transmitted and activates feedback that enriches the entire web.
Language: Italian

Death, a positive experience
In this workshop we investigate our experiences, notions and fears around death and being mortal and how we can be with clients in situations concerning death. We deepen our understanding of how we can live in presence, aware of our own (and others’) limited time span – and also what we long to create, experience and do personally and interpersonally before our time is up.
Eva Sanner is an experienced psychosynthesis therapist educated at PsykosyntesAkademin, Stockholm, Sweden, and also a well-known author in the field of psychology and personal development. She is presently member of the board of the PsykosyntesAkademin Foundation.
Language: English / Italian

Honoring the Sacred Feminine: A Pilgrimage to the Soul
This workshop inspires strong women to rediscover, reclaim, and further develop an ongoing relationship with their individual sacred/divine feminine nature. Using Psychosynthesis and other important concepts, this session is designed to raise conscious awareness on the path to wholeness. It seeks to restore balance to a way of life that has been dominated by a patriarchal society by reviewing the transitional history and balance of power from matriarchal to patriarchal values, thought, expressions, art, and religion. The purpose of the workshop is to support strong women's current mid-life search for meaning and renewal and bring to consciousness the barriers to feminine growth so that they can be transformed, in the true spirit of Psychosynthesis. Participants will sample practices that manifest change by delving into the unconscious aspects of the Divine Feminine in order to remake and rechoose our conscious path to reconnect with the Soul.
Excerpts from the weekend workshops designed and held by Dr. Schafer and Dr. Lippmann highlight the courageous journey required for a deepening into one's "shadow" side, for this is the process that ultimately activates and engages the healing process.
Language: English

Creating peace, every day COMPLETE
“We learn how to live in peace therefore how to give, emanate, peace all around us, everywhere we go. All of us wish to give peace, but if we want to be really able to do that we should first be at peace, live in the great peace, become peace.“ (Roberto Assagioli)
This workshop offers body, mind and spirit practices that can help us create peace in our inner and outside lives.
Language: Italian / English

JAN TAAL (Nederland)
Imagery Toolbox for coping with Cancer
In case of cancer, imagery can be a powerful means to cope with emotions, enhance well-being, self-strengthening and healing. The Imagery Toolbox has been developed to provide persons who are confronted with cancer or another serious illness with simple, accessible imagery tools they can use on their own and/or with little (or more) guidance. The Imagery Toolbox is meant to be available in hospitals and care centers.
The toolbox contains a set of various symbolic image photographs, three CD's with eight imagery exercises for well-being, healing, dealing with and supporting treatments, pain and the affected body, a CD with various kinds of music, drawing material, a note-book and a manual. The workshop consist of presentation of key-subjects and techniques, demonstration and exercises with the participants.
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: English

Allowing oneself to dream projects for better living to place ourselves within the huge changes of our time, favouring our intuitive and imaginative abilities, humanizing each sphere of life...
...we see the universe increasingly as cosmogenesis instead of cosmos. We perceive a long sequence of creative activities that emerge along extended periods of development leading eventually to the present time. We see ourselves as a creative process in emergence rather than fixed beings whose existence and whose functions are permanently stable.. (freely adapted from Thomas Berry)
Experiential – Theoretical
Language: Italian / English