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Psychosynthesis World Map

Dear psychosynthetics,
in which Centers in the world is Psychosynthesis currently taught and practiced?

Inspired by the World Psychosynthesis Day, in issue 32 (October 2019) of our Rivista di Psicosintesi, we launched an initiative, entitled Pearls on a string, aimed at weaving together the world centers, as points of light engaged in teaching and diffusing Psychosynthesis.

In the attempt to "map” our community, and help our imaginative function to visualize the network of Centers engaged in the wonderful adventure called Psychosynthesis, we have created a Google map, that you can see here.

You can collaborate to this project by letting us know your Center, so that we can add it to the map, specifying if it is affiliated in a network with other Centers or is independent .

Please write to:

including the Center contact info (name, postal address, website url, phone, logo etc.) and the link, if any, to a newsletter or magazine or other digital publication issued by Center. This will provide further diffusion of Psychosynthesis texts.

The purpose of this project is to help us consider our Centers which share the same purpose, and are interconnected through the mind, the heart and the soul, as the cells of a single, larger organism, "physically" active on the whole globe.

Assagioli's words can best explain the importance of groups like ours:
These groups will have new characteristics: they will be free, plastic, universal. The union in them will have an entirely internal character, will consist of a common understanding, a common fervor, a common impulse to serve humanity; but they will be free to adopt different conceptions, methods and fields of work. The union will have the character of a deep friendship and spiritual brotherhood, not of an external organization. The work of ... [these groups] will consist above all in giving direction, in arousing initiatives, in educating, illuminating, elevating, in every field of life and human activities. What can be done in this way is incalculable.
We formulate the fervent wish and resolute purpose that all awakened souls, enlightened minds and generous hearts be worthy of the admirable spiritual opportunity, so that the new glorious Age of the Spirit can be established.

Roberto Assagioli, from "Lo sviluppo transpersonale”,  Rome, Astrolabio, 1988, pp. 173-174.