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Videos in English

Virtual guided tour of the house of Roberto Assagioli in Florence
Andrea Bocconi at Casa Assagioli - Talk about Roberto Assagioli 9th International Meeting at Casa Assagioli (September 2019)
Yoav Dattilo and Piero Ferrucci: "Roberto Assagioli in his own words. Fragments of an autobiography" Presentation of the book taken from the interviews of Eugene Smith in 1974, edited by Yoav Dattilo, Piero Ferrucci, Vivien Reid Ferrucci (Ed. Istituto di Psicosintesi, 2019)
International Meetings and Laboratories at Casa Assagioli Gruppo Eventi, a section of the group Alle Fonti
Gianni Yoav Dattilo: "Reflections on Genius" International Conference 2016
Barbara Veale Smith: "Peace is Really Possible" International Conference 2016
Piero Ferrucci: "The New Will" International Conference 2012
Massimo Rosselli: "The Relational Self and the Vulnerable Soul: a Global Healing Perspective for Psychosynthesis in the World" International Conference 2012
Diana Whitmore: "Social Psychosynthesis – Visionary Common Sense: Applied Spirituality" International Conference 2012
Andrée Samuel: "Transpersonal Consciousness Journey " International Conference 2012
Molly Young Brown: "Psychosynthesis & the Great Turning" International Conference 2012
Gianni Yoav Dattilo: From Psychoanalysis to Psychosynthesis Psychologist and Psychotherapist