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About Casa Assagioli and Gruppo Alle Fonti

Casa Assagioli, situated on the Florentine road that leads to Fiesole, was the house where Roberto Assagioli and his family lived for more of twenty years. There he worked, welcomed patients and collaborators from all over the world. In his legacy the building was left to the Istituto di Psicosintesi that he had founded there in 1961.

Late in his life Roberto Assagioli organized, with the help of different collaborators, an archive holding articles, lectures, and lessons on a wide range of subjects, now called Archivio Synthesis (the Synthesis Archive). After Assagioli’s death, many of his small notes on Psychosynthesis were sorted, compiled and organized by Piero Ferrucci, Ida Palombi and others into subject areas, placed into folders in 84 boxes: this is the Archivio Studio (the Study Archive).

In 2006, during a structural renovation of the building, a great amount of material previously uncatalogued was found in the attic of the building. This treasure corroborates Assagioli’s wide range of interests and initiatives. This inspired us to create a group that would work to preserve and promote the material.

Thus a new group was founded: Gruppo Alle Fonti della Psicosintesi (literally, Group at the Wellspring of Psychosynthesis). Since its creation, our group has worked on the cataloging and archival work; it organizes visits to the house and holds national and international meetings. More recently we also launched the Online Archive (

In addition, because Assagioli was a keen reader, his library holds a large collection of volumes of great historical and academic value. Using the Dewey Decimal System, Gruppo Alle Fonti has reorganized the Library into language and subject sections, making the books easy to browse and check online.

Members of Gruppo Alle Fonti are trained members of the Istituto di Psicosintesi. We meet in Casa Assagioli every month for a whole weekend. We come from different backgrounds, cities, countries and paths of life, but we serve on this project with the same purpose and dedication.

Visiting Casa Assagioli 

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