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Dear readers,


On this page every single issue of the magazine can be downloaded either in full or only partially, if you prefer specific articles.


You can find here all the issues of the "Psicosintesi" magazine, starting from the most recent:


  • NEW SERIES, from 2004 to today. In 2002 and 2003 the publication was suspended
  • FIRST SERIES (1.S.), from the test number of 1985 to 2001


In this section, called INTERNATIONAL, you can find all the English articles from the “Psicosintesi” magazine.

The same published in Italian can be accessed from the general menu, section Pubblicazioni / Rivista / Numeri Rivista.


It is also possible to access the SEARCH page and retrieve the magazine articles through a simple search by Author, Title, or Theme (for the years in which each issue was entirely dedicated to a Topic), or through an advanced search by other keys.


For any information, or if you wish to submit articles or reports, please send an email to


Thanks and enjoy reading our “Psicosintesi” magazine!


The Editorial Staff

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